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Do. This is the writers I'm Georgina Godwin my guest. Today is a Slovenian philosopher and writer whose vast catalogue of work because earned him celebrity status across the globe, radical leftist, his work compasses, everything from psychoanalysis and political theory to art and film. Criticism Hegel in a wired brain evaluation of the German philosophers relevant in the twenty first century, tying in the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of his birth is his latest book. Saliva Jack Welcome to meet the rices. I'm here. Thanks very much. Now listen, you've been called the Elvis of cultural theory, the most dangerous philosopher in the West and I'm keen to know how you go from your birth in Louisiana through film studies and writing copy fat, but convince fit to this revered status in in the philosophical and academic world, so let's stop them in the former Yugoslavia. Tell us about your home. Life and the influence is there on you as as a child is an incredible story. Place Myself, but how might Chedda experiences in Oak Yugoslavia? We're really a blessing in disguise. I won't. At the university? Being attacked as after I finished my studies, I wasn't able to get a job, but after tutoring here so unemployment they put me into a research institute, which was basically opposed, gave me of the freedom of it was that she needs who dabbled and. So. You know is out of Communist was other the freedom that I needed I sat through. The West connections I in frowns then in the UK in United States, also another thing you can sign me communist kind but communism we don't opened walks the west, and I saw the big thing in my life was debt. Early seventies late sixties nineteen shakes ditch and I was in my studies. The scene was dominated in republic Slovenia by on drunken, fundamentalist on the other hand. Frank with school much then there was defense right of a disaster local. Rochon journalism and the younger generation immediately found a way that. Also Changed Yugoslavia was open towards the West. We didn't have any usuals in the sense of Oh my go- democracy we meeting. Everything will train usually about socialism, but also no illusions about Western democracies combat in an ideal. I, did so it's not me. It's also whole group of people. I was listening to lock you on, but now other sound following me getting international recognition.

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