Phoenix PD releases body-cam videos of moments before deadly officer-involved shooting


Video. Get your head up this from a deadly officer involved shooting Peter Seymour is live with the details. Bob Police told James Garcia. They were looking for a stabbing suspect. This is a scene. I can't let stuff leave the scene and I need to get everybody out of my sight. Right now. You're the only person that's still in my crime scene. Understand that Garcia lied to police about his name and birthday as he refused to get out of his car. Then on officer spotted Garcia grabbing his gun anymore, which is what the officers did, firing several rounds, killing Garcia and the Maryvale, Austria, Part Mountain Precinct on July 4th. Phoenix Police say Garcia mouth to them shoot me. Another man thought Garcia was his attacker and called police when he spotted him in the neighborhood Reporting live, Peter same or Katie. Our news. 12. 01 with

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