Mayor Lightfoot has 'great concerns' about President Trump possibly sending federal agents to Chicago


Much stock into President Trump's reported intention. To send 175 federal agents to Chicago and other cities across the nation Bear like what, says the recent events in Portland, Oregon, make her concern about the president's plan to send federal agents to Chicago. She spoken with Portland's mayor and says This city doesn't need armed forces with no insignia taking people off the streets. If President Trump is serious about bringing down the violence in Chicago, he could help by taking more guns off the streets. He could fully fund additional prosecutors. Tau focused on gun violence cases he could empower the toe actually do what they're supposed to do, which is go after a legal gun sales go after federal licensed gun dealers that aren't doing their job are selling to people that they know where straw purchasers, she says. The guns air flowing in from neighboring states. Craig Della more news

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