Coronavirus cases continue to rise across US


70,000 plus cases a day of the Corona virus across America. Documents leaked out of the White House show that 18 states in the red Zone. The CDC, which wrote that report recommends a face mask man. The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise with Florida at the helm. Congresswoman Donna Shall Layla On this week, we have community spread, which means the virus is out of control, the lack of leadership in the White House and in our governor's office. They simply have not hit this with a hammer, which is what we needed to do and star of the virus. They opened too soon. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer advises to ignore pressure from the White House when reopening schools have to open the school safely. We know that both the president puts pressure on CDC and FDA not to do what the scientists say is safest. But we have to listen to the scientists. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb were seeing other epicenters of epidemic spreads start to emerge. So you have to be very worried right now about Georgia about Tennessee about Missouri about Kentucky. And that was on CBS

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