7-29-2020 The Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show - burst 05

Lance McAlister


Looking on the youtube account for Major. League baseball they have just posted the triple play that wasn't and they're making a big deal out of it it all capital letters, it's cubs third Baseman Kris Bryant rips off a triple play on a diving catch. All capital letters on their youtube account is a posted this video. The call was blown. The call happened directly in front of the third base umpire who was looking right added, and the way the rule is written it's not reviewable and yet major league baseball is touting that as their big play of the night to watch on their youtube account I find that to be fascinating if not at the same time. I've Jeff Passan of MLB ESPN. Dot. com tonight releasing the following following the outbreak that Major League baseball had to deal with with the Miami Marlins sixteen players to staff members. There are new policies put in place tonight by Major League Baseball and recommendations ready for this Major League baseball is encouraging players not to leave hotels on the road except for games.

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