Black Women Deserve More Credit in Civil Rights Movements


Black women have been the pioneers of so many movements that have changed the world, the Eurasia of black women from the story of these movements is something. We've seen many times throughout American history starting all the way back with the women's suffrage movement. African American women in particular played a significant in sometimes overlooked role at a suffrage movement. There were African American women fighting for suffrage from the beginning you. Know sojourner truth and the time of the civil war I to be Wells Barnett and Mary Church. Terrell, they built a movement that would grow to half a million but they would never find exceptions among mainstream. Selfridge's at that time. Suffrage leaders were actively wooing southern white members to appease the southerners. White suffragettes found it expedient to abandon their black sisters they minimize the presence of black woman in that struggle. Stan seize control of suffrage history, and this multi volume book still dominates the histories and essentially wrote black women out of that. That's right. Black suffragettes were literally written out of the history books by white women in the movements and just look at their faces. It's like they had already seen the future and they were like I'M NOT GONNA get credit for any of this Emma because the truth is certain white feminist heroes worst super-problematic. People, remember them like they were early versions of wonder woman when in reality they were more like the mom from get out. Now, you may not be surprised that these nineteen twenties, Karen's where he gets to accept black women's work but give them credits. But what may surprise you is that black men in the civil rights movement also happy to do a similar thing most women who worked in the movement who were the exit backbone of the civil rights movement were not really known media attention would always be drawn to the men of the movement as they are doing work that Martin, Luther, King's and others but would not necessarily go to women like Ella Baker who was a longtime activist. Who helped to nurture and birth the student movement Diane Nash With the Lead Strategist behind the citizens in Nashville and the freedom writers he played a critical role in organizing the Selma marches. Dorothy height was the Godmother of the civil rights movement. But because she was a woman, she was often off to the side behind the podium behind the scenes she was guiding force at the table when the big six planned the historic march on Washington in nineteen sixty three, the lone woman at a table full of med, yet despite all her efforts height could not convince them that a woman should be allowed to speak at the podium the day of the march come on man this is so messed up. Black Women with the lifeblood of the civil rights movement, and still they got caught blocked by the dudes I. Mean, the Reverend's got half a dozen microphones right there you come break. One of those offer, my girl Dorothy she was a critical part of the group if the vendors were fighting Santa's but they made eye on Manchester from the stands and this just shows you that black women don't just have to deal with racism from the world but oftentimes, they have to deal with the sexism within their own communities and the world at large.

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