Episode 147: Contained



Will never forget. We had just rounded the curve in London's Trinity. Square gardens and there. It was a massive stretch of Roman Wall in the middle of a modern city. Every single brick seemed to have been highlighted by centuries of erosion and exposure. But it still stands tall bringing history into the presence. Of course, the more knowledgeable would be quick to point out that only the first four meters of the wall are original, the top sixty percent, or so while still ancient only date back to medieval times. Beyond the numbers is a larger message. Long ago, this wall contained a city and now. While that city has swallowed it whole. And I think that's the thing that jumped out at me the most when I first saw it. Not It's age or its ancient design, but its place in our world today walls are meant to create boundaries to hedge people in and even to defend against forces, so it felt odd to see this fragment of a wall surrounded by gleaming modern office buildings, instead of wrapping it all up in a protective embrace. Maybe, that's because the walls of history often seen larger than life. The Great Wall of China for instance is visible from space walls of Troy. The oldest in the world while the ruins of Hadrian's wall still cut across the countryside between England and Scotland, and then of course there's the Western Wall of the temple in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Berlin Wall of the Cold War era. Walls might protect or divide or even just serve as a reminder, but at the end of the day. They're a simple design meant to do one thing. To contain us. The trouble is whenever you bring people into the picture you get more than you bargained for. Because humans have an almost supernatural ability to leave a trail of pain and suffering behind them. Yes walls can cities or kingdoms or objects we want to protect. But, they can also old something darker. The shadows. Of the past. I'm Aaron McKie. And this. Is Lor.

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