Congressman Louie Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus

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Republican Louie Gohmert? Who sounds like? He's falling asleep while reading trump's twitter timeline when he talks found out on Wednesday morning that he couldn't fly to Texas with President trump because. He's got corona vox get tested whenever you go to the White House. If, you're getting in fifty feet of trump began testing. Who did he talk to were very welcoming people with coronavirus down here in Texas we the more the Merrier. Well I mean he is Texas rap he was trying to come home, but he had already caught that. DC. Corona before he could get on the flight. So not only does Louie Louie. Gohmert have have cove it. He also had previously refused to wear masks unless he got cova saying that was useless presumably, and that's a shame because the day before his positive test result when he was probably already positive with covid. And he still wasn't wearing a mask when he was talking with Ag bar in the hearing room. So Gomez smells just us just just trying to infect the attorney general right before you lob softball questions to bar is sleepy Texas draw while bar like vigorously rubbed his freshly Kuroda infected hands all over his face. Gohmert, pile just an all time bonehead. Taking it to the unreal Gohmert. Easily as the CREEPIEST press photo I've ever seen in my life I. Think he drew. Or Eight termer, your congressman and. East Texas, you might want to reconsider that taking it to the Internet Louie gohmert piles, doing zoom interviews Galore trying to blame his corona infection on the fact that he had caved and just recently started to wear a mask in the last ten days instead that that is probably what gave him the virus when he was touching his mask. So apparently. From being. Exactly like what a Gomer pyle. This guy should have been wearing a mask a long time ago. Yes. Gomer Pyle yeah. He He went from being a complete fucking imbecile the day before when he was trying to infect the G. to the world's foremost Dr overnight if discovering that, you can give yourself corona through your mascots pretty incredible stuff bill bar supposedly had a corona virus tests on Wednesday hopefully, he doesn't get it because the like half the combined I q of the gop would be mortal danger. But at the time of this recording, the DOJ had declined to say if bar tested positive or not or if he plans to quarantine, they just said that he had been tested so. Like just all time stupidity from Lower Gohmert pile representative from

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