The Encryption Debate Rages On


So etiquette you've talked about encryption before. Got Fascinated. Encryption in the nineties already, I've been most interested in societal aspects of cryptography lately since I've seen quite concerted attacks against the freedom of businesses and individuals on using encryption, you're doing a horrible job tooting your own horn. You're not mentioning the UK parliament or anything like that at all. I was. Invited by the British parliament actually, they had a giant comet A. When they were deliberating the investigatory powers bill, I can today's so they invited me to to give evidence on encryption and I was happy to. Explain how what they were. Planning to do was horrible. Davor. Nicely listening to are they paid no attention to why opinions? I was also participating in the European Union Commission Panel on. On dual-use aspects of encryption. And similarly to European Commission. noted. That the guy from Finland appeared on, they pay no attention to what I was telling. So I have good track record of. Being listened to, but look necessarily followed or that's all we can. Anyone of, US, can ask for. But. You sound like the right person to briefly summarize what the Christian debate is all about. Technology. And from the mathematics point of view, we have gotten to a point where good quality encryption. is now available and good enough quality would in this context me in that if I choose to protect. Some piece of information and communication with quality. cryptography means. It. Is Too costly for the adversary to try to break. That encryption in. reasonable. Amount of time. So everybody on this planet currently has access to technology and know-how on good quality encryption at this is unprecedented in our times, and of course, this medics. Punch off authorities unhappy because quite many of those intelligence gathering mechanisms and. The law enforcement investigatory methods have being built around the notion that the authorities would be given access to people's. Communication. Day. Regardless of how it was protected. In case, there is a legitimate need to obtain that access If there's a good quality could Covic protections, there's nobody but the actual personal interest that they all started these are now. Tracking, or trying to interrogate. So nobody else would be positioned to decrypt the material sold that makes of course, the authorities have begun happy, and that discussion has been going on for centuries. and. Only now, a small people to sit. And individuals are in a position to utilize encryption without having to ask for permission. Yeah. So like before when when regular citizens tried to encrypt their information so that it wasn't available for law enforcement lawyer I was just like all you sweet summer child and just cracked it anyway but they can't do that anymore implementation. They were either week because the computing power was not that abundant in the past. All they were artificially weak. So they were basically I. The back door, all day were deliberately written. To be faulty so that the authorities would be in a position to crack the conversation open.

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