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Polish says there's still a chance for Friday night lights this fall. Pola says his office is working with the Colorado High School Activities Association to try to find a way to play high school football This year. I'm still optimistic. I think there's a real window, Teo you know the next the next few days will be very informative in that, but I think there's there's a really potential for that. Pola says He hopes football and women's field hockey Khun B, played in the fall instead of being pushed back to the spring. And tonight it's the Rockies and Angels at Coors Field, Colorado with a win last night, the rocks just one game out of the final wildcard spot. With 16 games to play. We'll have all access at five. Next updated to 30, David Ko Ko, a news radio 8:50, A.m. and 90 for one FM from the Bet. Fred Sports Traffic Center. Your Drive is looking better. That earlier pressure had 25. South bound Authority Parkway was blocking the love plane that has been cleared. We still have some slowing back past 120th Avenue I weigh 85 earlier crash at 112th Avenue is still causing delays North bound and South bound. And we're still seeing some fairly heavy traffic westbound on I 2 70 from I 70 over toward Vasquez Fox 31 pinpoint whether mostly sunny and nice 79 for a high this afternoon an overnight low expected down around 50 in Denver, Currently 77 degrees. This report is sponsored by Napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are that wherever you call home, they do, too. So whether you stop by

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