The Game Changing Power of Acceptance.


Pay their sober people and sober solar 's and other people who are just interested in fine tuning near. Mental Health. Yeah it's me Linh and I'm in Georgia peachtree city to be exact for those of you who don't know I. Would like to just kind of reintroduce myself if you're. A recent joyner to the podcast I am a licensed professional clinical counselor with a private practice in Peachtree City, Georgia, and I also practice online with my clients back where I was originally licensed in Minnesota. So if you're in either of those two states that can work with you as a counselor, however I also have sober. So recovery where I coach people because that's what do you do when your therapist and want to reach more people in the world you practice your coaching skills which we also use in therapy. So I've developed this coaching program that I use with people, which is very similar to what I do in my counseling practice extraordinarily similar. And I offer that through private coaching packages where you can work with me individually for a series of months and you can find out more at Lynn. Mattie DOT, com or sober. So Recovery Net, they take you to the same place and you can just check me out there. I started this podcast in two thousand eighteen really as a project to get my voice out there. And share what I know to be good mental health with other people along with issues that surround us when we are in recovery or trying to be sober and all of those good things and today I am surprised. But happily so to know that there are about twenty five thousand of you listening every month and I'm ever so grateful for you picking up what I'm. Putting down. So today's subject I loved digging in two things that interest me but also seemingly come up a lot in my week to week working with people who are suffering in the same way that I dead wanting to make their lives better and finding ways to do that. That are very empowering. So today I wanNA talk about one of the most powerful tools in what? I call the buffer zone, which is essentially your toolkit it just i. like the analogy of a buffer zone because you can grow it really big. I am putting my two hands out very close together at first and then stretching to become a big buffer zone of things that you can do to help you cope and one of the most powerful tools as I said is acceptance. Let's figure out why people often will say I can't. Do this anymore I can't stand it. It's not fair. This possibly could ruin me. This can't be true and it shouldn't be this way. It's almost as if we refuse to accept truths that are right in front of us, and we work really hard to keep it from becoming true. Or that we balk re refused to accept that if we do this thing called accepting. It means a green with this thing that is. Seemingly. Unacceptable standing right in front of us but accepting doesn't mean a green I like to think about accepting as refocusing your energy. Because it's exhausting to keep fighting what is happening right in front of us the reality of what's happening in front of us, and moreover, it doesn't work refusing to accept for instance that you've been fired or that someone's broken up with you that your friend cheated you somehow or did something wholly unexpected and something that goes against your very values you weren't you know accepted into a program that you like. This becomes pain and pain is uncomfortable and it's not what we want to experience. Accepting reality is difficult. Exactly because it's painful, no one wants to experience disappointment sadness or loss but those are experiences that are part of life when we attempt to avoid and resist these emotions. We add suffering to our pain. We build the emotion bigger her with our thoughts and our rumination creating more misery by attempting to. And or suppress these painful emotions

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