The Closer (MM #3462)


The Maison with Kevin Mason my father called the other day just to check in and he asked me a strange question first off. He said have you ever seen the TV show The Closer? It didn't ring a bell with me. It was Acura a quick show that was on like USA or a n e or one of those channels back about eight ten years ago it ran for a bunch of seasons. And the reason he asked one of the episodes had a character named Kevin Mason and he was the bad guy. Of course the episode my dad said, so did you piss me off back in the day your college days, they could come back and write a story make you the bad guy. I'd actually look it up. Luckily the executive producing guy who wrote the episodes were older than me and I never encountered either the writer or the producer. So I was in the clear but had kind of chuckle because only my father would think of something that crazy and only I would be crazy enough to go look it up because you never know as you get up in life and when you've been out about and you've been all around the country who you've encountered and who you've upset, those are kind of Occupational hazards. And when I was younger, I'll be honest with you was I really that in tune to what other people were thinking. No, I was more worried about myself much like most young people are go look it up. Just look up the closer online with Kyra Sedgwick and type in Kevin Mason. You'll find it kind of made me chuckle only my father and yeah only wage.

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