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Joining us right now we have Andy Richter and Yvette Nicole Brown hello. Hello, hi Oh vera. Out of the So Hey, you know it's amazing to have you both on and also both of you are really have done. A lot of game shows Andy. You have even done the top echelon of what our listeners love jeopardy celebrity jeopardy I was on twice. Yeah. The second time I was on was part of a celebrity tournament of champions. The winners from that were supposed to come back and we ended up Conan and I were on the tonight show, and then we weren't on the tonight show. then. Went on a tour and the day of the remainder or the next step of the tournament was our opening night of the tour. So I was in. Eugene. Oregon while Isaac Mizrahi filled in for me apparently not my I mean I'm perfectly happy to. Fill in for me. Is If. He made most of his career based on your cancellations. I believe he does exactly exactly my womenswear line I just couldn't finish. Right head. And, Yvette you have been on a loads of game shows. Yeah. What is your favorite game show appearance as a contestant been? Oh Gosh. You're so hard I really love Hollywood game night the Jane Lynch because you never know what game it's going to be I can I can also speak to Hollywood game night they pour the booze down there they do. You. Listen I'm very competitive. So every time I do the show I don't drink because. I nothing makes me happier than winning someone else money, and so I'm there to help those people about how To propose it everybody I'm Michael be tossing back. Whiskey sours and being the reason why? I know Andy. This yes. September thirteenth you are bringing back. The live streaming event from the Sitcom yelled Andy Richter controls the universe. Yes and so what prompted this event? I mean people have been doing this cast reunion table Ridi thing for charity online because you know there's a lot of attention starved people. Get some attention and they tell you get entities that need our help. No, that's secondary. Today virtual reunion of the community cast. Recently when we did it for community, it was from the kindness of our hearts, Andy Richter. All right. All right. Right. You did that in May right we do now do you keep in contact with the your other cast mates? We've always had a group chat or two going I found out during that charity event that Donald Glover wasn't in our current. Routes. Something funny. Happened in. Somebody had some further information about the joke and I said put in the group Jen. Donaldson. Put it into what? Is it the thing nobody would since ever exclude Donald Glover for any other reason besides being respectful of Donald Glover's time We let him know like listen man, you are a lion king. On Somali. Music and stuff. So He's in the group chat. Now at least once a week he goes why did I ask to be here because? We text each other. So I WANNA talk about your new project on audible room room. But let's play a game right and this game is called hooked on lyrics. What we've done is we've asked some kids to read lyrics to popular music that was popular before they were born. They probably have never heard any of these songs before, but we haven't to read the lyrics and your job is just to guests the songs. So we're GONNA start with you in gets aric. My name is Jane. I'm nine years old and I'm from new. York. The faith thousand day use so to ask they had to feel. That future boom boom Ah. Okay. Can I say that I missed most of it because I was I, think oscillating listening to her. Yet black-eyed peas black eyed peas boom boom POW, is the name of the song. Oh Are In anti. This one is for you. This is Jane again, and this time she's got some lyrics from a Nobel prize winning folksinger still laugh about everybody that was hanging out now you don't talk. So out now you don't seem so proud about having to me scratching next meal. That is like a rolling stone by Bob Dylan. Absolutely, correct that's right. I'm pretty sure as a nine year old, she does not have a Bob Dylan poster in her room. Not yet not yet not she's a fan of Nobel Prize winner she might. That's

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