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That rally a little bit later on this evening. It was supposed to happen in Reno at first at the airport there, but the campaign was forced to change its plans because of Corona virus restrictions. Gatherings in Nevada are limited to 50 people because of state orders to slow the spread. It's unclear how the campaign is going to be able to avoid that this time around for tonight, folks is Mark MEREDITH. President. Trump will also travel to Northern California Monday to meet with state and local officials dealing with massive Wildfires that have devastated the area. Crews have been getting a bit of help from cooler temperatures and higher humidity. Fires in California, Oregon and Washington are also affecting air quality. We know that the air quality's really bad across the West upper level winds are beginning to grab this, you could be a haze across most of the country. You're getting very thick and portions of Canada and actually with the upper level winds. It's going to be thinner, but this smoke is being taken all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. There's folks in Europe who could see hese sunsets all because of the wildfires across portions of the western United States. Thanks. Meteorologist Adam Cloth

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