Trubisky Throws 3 TDs In 4th To Help Chicago Bears Beat Lions


I guess The one bright spot about those lions game is there were no fans that have to drive home after it's No, just the the buzzing recording of fans, and they probably weren't all too pleased when they saw what they saw in that fourth quarter as the Fox Network had the final call at the end of the day. Locking it away. Game is over Quarter turn. Bald little trip is key. We got done with three TD passes. The Bears beat the Lions for the fifth straight time. Final score 27 to 23 In all three of those Mitchell travesty. Touchdowns were in the fourth quarter. 21 unanswered points to come back and beat the Lions. Matthew Stafford, 24 42 297 Yards, a touchdown and a very ill timed interception that set up the game winner for the Bears. Adrian Peterson, looking good in his first game, 14 carries 93 yards. Danny Amendola 81 yards on five catches. TJ Hakansson had a touchdown as the DeAndre Swift earlier in the game from one yard out. He also dropped a potential game winning touchdown right before that final call. 27 2 23. The Lions lose their first game of the 2020 season.

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