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Not necessary. But. Thankfully on a positive known, we have Jay Leno Mackenzie era thing at the regular villa. Originally came in saying that morale was like why he was interested in. But then I miss osteen like. When, when like how did we go and literally came out of nowhere as far as I was concerned but I liked it a lot. Too because I was. I was very confused about Jalen coming in be like I'm coming in for Moi era and being like. I mean I like like more Arizona a girl, but she's very doll to me. And I have a hard time like seeing anyone coming and being like, yeah I'm really like excited about more like I wanNA hang out with. Has All. Girl next door type of. Feel like a lot of people will be like that's what I'm looking for but then they actually meet that person and they're. Better. I did y'all had the rockiest relationship when these guys were coming in. Let's be honest. Right. Like you're two, there's two modes when someone new comes in like they either are like going for the person that's like super secure and they're like here like rock the boat or they see like the the easiest and they try to go for that like, Oh, this person's like secure and Jalen did both of those things. Knows how to play the game. I don't know Jalen but I like him so far. He had like him and Mackenzie have a really good connection. There's a law that comes up of people saying like. You know I didn't really understand who mackenzie was, and then now I'm to know her and I really like her. There's even seen the other women were there like you're like a new person and she's like this is what I'm normally like just a better vibe and adjust it really does seem like this twist brought out the best of Mackenzie because we don't. Really see her having any leg blowups or freak outs or anything. I have a theory about this because there's a lot of talk about like, Oh, you like are bringing a different side of me or like your I'm like a better version of myself like with the like there was just so much talk of like. The. These are New People like the you know the original people have had enough time to get comfortable with each other and like the surroundings and like the situation there, and so I think that there's just. That's part of it. You know what I mean it's like. I don't think it's necessarily about the people. It's like you change you change the dynamic and you're giving them like new variables to interact with, but they're more secure in their own position at this point. So I like I don't necessarily think that it should be attributed to the people coming in but I think it's like easy to like mistake it for that, and so I just noticed that so many people being like oh like this person is like bringing. Just so much more comfortable around you but I'm like well, is it maybe just that you're more comfortable now like in general and so you and also like there's less stakes because like your orient a couple and you kind of call the shots in the situation and so like you're entertaining these conversations with these people because you feel like more in a power position and you've been there for however many weeks at this point like I don't know if it. I definitely can recognize that like Mackenzie is different around Jalen than she is with Connor and I do think that some of that is about who they like who Jalen is and who connor is but I also think that some of that could be just about like the situation they're in and the level of comfort they've gone in the situation of the show by this point. I think that that's a really really good point. I would like to add onto that. No one is currently gas lighting Mackenzie and she is not currently. Anyone so that probably takes off a little bit of emotional labor and makes it a little easier to be around her. I think. The sorry go on go I. Think one of the biggest issues with like Mackenzie and Connor and I know that there's a bait like a lot of people are really divided on who is the issue in the Mackenzie and Connor relationship in like you know it's I think it's a little bit of both. Obviously, it definitely is both of them. I know that some people are team one person over another or like team neither of them or whatever. But my my feeling is that like. I really think that just they're the extremes of like her being an Alpha female and him being like the most Beta male ever like and I just think that like it's just such a stark contrast that like it just seems they just seem worse in comparison to each other like I just don't think conor comes off. As Beta in and there's nothing wrong with that. But like I just think that he comes off so much more like wimpy and Beta, and like you know like winey. He's with Mackenzie because she's just like so strong willed and like. Confident like I, just think that like when you put them together, you notice it so much more and that that's like part of the reason that they are not a great match. Yeah that's fair I think there's A. Scene Connor separate from Kenzi really did make me think a lot more the way he is that he is but in terms of the Mackenzie and Jalen I did really consider for a moment with all of the Mackenzie. So different. Oh my God. It's. So she did have to semi recent votes from America which was like negative reinforcement and she openly talked about like Why do they not like me like something have to change and I did consider that being a possibility in the? Change in behavior I would say but at the same time, it seems to have mostly been at Mackenzie is less emotional right now and I think that that's hard to turn off just on a whim. So I don't think that that is probably I think Mackenzie is genuinely more comfortable rate millwood Jalen and that's like she said Jalen comes in his like she liked that Jalen didn't but connor down in order to like talk to. Her it was that like it was always she said for it's always gonna be about like is connor the guy or like it's never been about is one of these guys. The guy like is Jalen the guy is going to be is connor the guy or is he not and Jalen Kinda knew that I think at that point and was just like, okay I'm going to get to know you and you'll figure

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