Will Smith is hosting an Airbnb stay at the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' mansion


So I just found out that the fresh prince of bel-air the mansion in La they airbnb manage. So you can stay in it for night and Kinda live. Like will Smith did back then and it's only thirty dollars a night. How crazy eighty dollars thirty dollars a night you can stay in the mansion the. Same mentioned the fresh prince taped fresh prince of Bel. Air. But this is my problem it sold out already thirty dollars. It sold it as thirty dollars a night damn Bertha I I know for a fact that envy is not reading the other stipulations. There's no way that places just thirty dollars night it's got to be more to celebrate at thirtieth anniversary is thirty dollars. And the money is go into odd I, believe the boys and girls club something like that. That donate all the money but thirty dollars was to. Do to keep it like you get to keep it for three days. pood- at one night exactly like how long do you get to stand there for thirty dollars? Does it matter? Says Dole. That's like. History is only is one bedroom one, bad one bed one private bath. House I don't know how they did that maybe the only giving you a section of the house. said, it's It was just used as the exterior just of course, it was a movie set on the inside but. What had been his bedroom and bathroom on the show along with the poolside lounge and dining room. That's still nobody did it that? I would have did that for thirty dollars that would have been no but his sold out already.

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