Let me give you a bonus question because you just heard it in the news there at the top of the hour.


In the past. He's going to need it next week for Carolina. So where we're open that like he's on him. You and I love it. He's right. Brady was terrible. Oh, Iwas. He was. There was no difference between Tom Brady in Tampa yesterday in Jamie's Winston in Tampa last year. Well, Winston what had more passing yards. I will say the opening drive was good that was about it and started and ended there. That's like a good first date. And then you have a bad 10 year marriage. So lightning. I mean, you gotta You gotta guard against that sort of thing. But I think sample will be fine. It's going to take a couple of weeks. They got a good thing coming, Which is Carolina. I think they could be Carolina. Whatever. I just If you're rooting against Tom Brady, I think you got to check yourself a little bit. The guy gave you

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