Your Next Dive - Coco View Resort


Needless to say, the worldwide pandemic has seriously impacted our next is. We recently had to forego our trip to Nassau and diving with Stuart. Cove. Dive. Bahamas it in October. We do know that eventually will return to normal and we'll be traveling again to fantastic dive locations. With that in mind on today's installment of your next dive, we're going to cocoa view resort on Roy Tan in Honduras. For a number of years, we heard about cocoa view from one of our instructors as one of his favourite dive destinations. So way back in two, thousand, Thirteen Donna and I had the opportunity to go to coco view. When the shop was running their annual trip there. Roett Tan is an island thirty, five miles off the coast of doors. It is forty nine square miles large and it has it is twenty eight miles in length. When you arrive at Rotan's Tans International Airport you'll be met by the resort staff and board a bus for a ride to a boat-landing. There you'll take a short boat ride that takes you to a small key where the resort is located. Let's start with diving. Cocoa view has what they call the front yard. You get to the front yard by walking in the water and taking swim out to either cocoa view or Newman Wall. Right in the middle of the front yard is a wreck called the Prince Albert The diving in the Front Yard is twenty, four hours a day seven days a week. Great for doing a night dive or maybe even a sunrise dive. Having access to unlimited sure diving is definitely a big plus for dive locations. When we went there, they had a policy where you did at checkout dive in the Front Yard I you did a couple of skills which your dive guide mask flooding clear regulator recovery before heading out to the wreck in the wall. I can't remember any other location. I've been to where you had to do a checkout dive with skills. Not sure if they still do that but no big deal. I went back to my log book to see what Di Sites we visited. We did Valley of the Kings at seventy six feet Calvin crack at ninety two tall to small along with John Spot Mary's place on 'cause place. All the dives give gave us a myriad of life coral with eighty plus visibility and bottled water temperatures in October between eighty to eighty six degrees. Fahrenheit. They have this routine where you'll do a dive at one spot and then they drop you off either on cocoa view or Newman's wall for your second dive and you make your way along the wall back to the front yard and walkout. Some folks didn't like that after a couple of days. Everybody's a little different. Their main dive boats are fifty foot long US navy boats that have been redesigned for Scuba. Their spacious well-maintained easy to get on and off and get you to dive sites quickly. The boats dock right in front of your gear locker and your gear lockers actually like a quonset hut but. There's one for each boat and it's open at both ends and you'll get a little storage locker inside that. Quantum hut. The, dive team will take your stuff to the boat if you indicate that you were diving on storage locker. It doesn't get any easier than that. We were fortunate to stay on an over the water bungalow connected by wooden walkways. Spacious Room with French doors that opened up to our private porch with Hammock. You can also choose Cabana or oceanfront room. You have all your meals in the clubhouse restaurant, all the typical breakfast fare followed by lunch and dinner with a Honduran flair. And if you desire. You won't go hungry. The clubhouses a gathering place for free seminars, enjoying your favorite beverage playing pool or visiting with the resorts feathered residents. While we haven't been back to coco view for a little while I'm sure that they are still first class operation experienced. If you're considering a trip to Roy Tan. When the pandemic is passed, you won't be disappointed for making cocoa view one of your next dives.

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