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U. S. This ceremony, dubbed by the White House has thie Abraham Accords. Be the first Middle East White House peace signing in 26 years. A government representative from Bob Crane will also attend the ceremony. Bach Rain also agreed to a normalization agreement with Israel on Friday. The president suffered to negotiate an historic peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians failed after the Palestinians accused the administration. Of being biased toward Israel. US. House members get backto work today following a month long recess, while another Corona virus stimulus package remains a goal hope for that becoming a reality before the election is fading. They'll also be debating the issue of legalizing marijuana on the federal level. Whether or not Congress takes action, though. Roughly one in three Americans could have access to legal recreational marijuana if voters approve state ballot initiatives in November. Tropical Storm Sally is on track to hit the northern Gulf Coast. Sally is expected to gain strength before making landfall late tonight or early tomorrow

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