Tyra Banks - burst 16


An idea sealed coffee thermos if it's good enough for me in my twenty seventeen Guan. Use It in the airplane cockpit. That's insane to me that the system has been. Here's a filled to the Brim Cup of coffee that you will then place atop the thing that's keeping us all the air but the next year bisque lunch that. That'd be packed. I have this is very anxiety producing information, and now I'm going to have to cancel trips I currently have Oh, just kidding Instead, of spending millions of dollars to repair this, they're just going to give each pilot an enormous bag of rice to put the whole plane. Luca driver in Kentucky was pulled over and fined after police noted something odd about his license plate what? Did it indicate his sort of nefarious ways or lawbreaking ways that. The. Like in the in the custom custom message. No the vanity. was. It a vanity plate. It was not a vanity plate. Well, I'll give you hand. It was work that critics are saying he did

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