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Which is who we choose to be the president of the United States and and so all those air so very, very important who we have a Supreme Court justice is their mindset, their philosophy, their thoughts. What they believe. And you know what they will allow in our country and then the Congress and the Senate and you know what we found is it's It's really a checks Imbalance system when There are two parties that are in control. So like right now, the Democrats control the Congress. They had the majority vote. And the Republicans are over the Senate. Just imagine earlier this year if the Democrats controlled both the Senate and the House. We probably wouldn't be talking about this election with Donald Trump going against Joe Biden because Donald Trump would have more unlikely been impeached. That's true, So that's what it was the beach, but he would have been at it. I mean, you have been out of office that's correct. He was technically impeached, but So this year. It's really not just about you know, Democrat versus Republican like we've always sort of thought it. It's really

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