The Surprising Connection Between the VW Golf and the DeLorean

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There's a very solid chance that Georgia Jaro is the greatest car designer of all time. His genius was in his ability to combine amazing artistic creativity with practical engineering know how his designs are futuristic even fifty years later. But when he drew them, they weren't just concepts. They were practical blueprints. WHO's measurements were strictly proportioned to be something. A driver could actually use that combination of artistic innovation and practicality made Jaro one of the. Most bankable designers of the seventies and eighties all told his decades long career. He designed over two hundred cars totaling over sixty million in sales sixty million units. You've almost definitely ridden or driven a car that Gerardo originally designed I always confused by that sixty million because I was like that could be just the mark one Gulf in one year. That's like, yeah, that's the mark one golf if they sold them for sixty dollars. Yeah like not even they sold them for like three like. Yeah, yes. Sixty million units. That's nuts. That's like conservatively. A. Like a Billion Dollars Oh like billions I'd probably say more than that. Yeah. Long Story Short to jar continues to have a massive influence on automotive design but who influenced to Jaro? Born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, eight he couldn't come from a long line of car designers because cars hadn't been around for that long. Instead his father grandfather and great-grandfather were all artists who specialized in painting elaborate murals and frescos in the churches and palaces of Italy. Naturally Young Georgetta himself wanted to follow the family tradition and be a painter himself. However, real life intervened in the depressed post World War Two economy of Italy Mario Jer. Father recognized his son's artistic talent but wanted to make sure Jetta learned practical applications for his skills. Italy was no longer a country of churches and palaces that needed painting after centuries of tradition it was now being pushed into modernity by global forces of change. So as a teenager Ger, jetta was sent sixty miles north from Garesh CEO father's town to the city of Turin to study technical drawing and costume design. Strange Mix. Drafting table on one side of the room. One of those cool. Sewing Mannequins on the other yet no head no arms no legs just that torso the bus. All of his costumes look like little cars. For centuries, terrain has been a major cultural hub of Italy with centuries of painters opera, an architecture that tradition of creativity was alive and well in the nineteen fifties when Georgetta arrived to the city. It must have been an incredibly inspiring place for a brilliant teenage artist to be sent to study. Terrain also happened to be the home of the country's automotive industry which had thrived in the early twentieth century but had been knocked on its by World War Two with scoreboard alert Italy Kinda lost most importantly though Fiat was based in Teheran Fiat was the General Motors of. And as time went on, it acquired. So many of its competitors that a couple of decades later Fiat was practically the Italian auto industry. Have you guys ever seen the test track? They have on top of the Fiat factory yet so cool it's so cool. So much of success is simply being in the right place at the right time and for a young designer to Rin of the nineteen fifties was exactly that time and place by then the Italian economy was picking up and car manufacturing was a vital ingredient to the recovery. Meanwhile, Jaro was studying at art school during the day and studying technical design at night among the things he was drawing were cars and one fateful day jar sketches crossed the desk of Dante Giacosa Fiat's technical director. GIACOSA was the designer of the Fiat Five, hundred, a compact city car that would sell nearly four million units and cement Fiat's postwar dominance. He was impressed enough to bring Jaro, who had no work experience to that point on board as a junior designer at the age of seventeen. That's a gamble I mean that's. Amazing. What kind of drawings were you guys doing at seventeen? I actually had this cool skull that I was really cultivating through high school I was doing skull. I would draw zero. Skull. And the Greg Logo. Nice that's all you need. So we would probably work at We'd probably be doing designs for Spencer's sounds like. A. Jarrah started at Fiat during a golden age of the Italian auto and a big reason for the industry success was the increasing collaboration between the engineers and designers.

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