2 Philadelphia Elected Officials Among 17 Keynote Speakers to Share the DNC Stage


Online Democratic National Convention and instead of one speaker for tonight's keynote Democrats have invited 17 people to share the address Our city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe reports that includes to Philadelphia elected officials just still so blown away on state representative Malcolm Kenyatta is joining an August history of keynote speakers Barack Obama, Mario Cuomo, Julian Castro and Richards. He will share the honor with among other Stacey Abrams of Georgia, Connor, Lamb of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Congressman Brendan Boyle. Have my name is part of that tradition is Thing just very special. Both men have already recorded their remarks and we'll be watching from home. Boyle says. He spoke about the contrast between President Trump and candidate Joe Biden is the best combination of both head and heart for the presidency, especially in this Highly fraught moment. Kenyatta says he talked about what happens after the election meeting. Donald Trump is the floor. Our mission right now is to ensure that our country Lived up to all the things we say about ourselves. The keynote is scheduled for nine PM Pat Lobe K

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