Hester Ford, oldest living American, celebrates 116th birthday in Charlotte


American Hester Ford celebrated her birthday yesterday, turning 116. She's the oldest person on record in the United States, according to data compiled by the Gerontology Research Group and the United States Census Bureau. The oldest living person on the planet is Cane. Tanaka of Japan, who has 117 forward was born on a farm in Lancaster County, South Carolina. She married at age 14 to John Ford gave birth to the first of the couple's 12 Children. At age 15 Hester took care of the house, the farm and the Children. While John worked at a local steel mill. Her husband died in 1963. Ford had not been hospitalized even once in the 1st 108 years of her life. She now has 68 grandchildren, 125 great grandchildren and at least 120 great great grandchildren. Ford can still walk in very short distances and until the pandemic had attended Search the first Sunday of every month for communion for use Radio news. I'm John Hunt.

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