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Hi I'm Nora mcnerney and this is terrible. Thanks for asking. In Our last episode we met Brit, and if you have not listened to that episode, you are not allowed to listen to this episode of not letting you. I will pause it with my own fingers reach through your phone. You're listening device I will hit pause you can't listen to this. There's not a lot of rules at this podcast and mostly nothing is in chronological order go nuts skip around. But in this case, you will want to listen to the previous episode which is called untying knots so don't listen to this one if you haven't listened to that one, but if you did listen to that episode welcome back. When we left off, it was twenty sixteen and Brit and her husband Sonny have just had one of those fights adum fight where looking back you can't really remember even what it was about just that you were mad and you're probably right. And in that moment, Brit calls of all people that she can ask for relationship. Advice. Harry. She calls hairy. The Guy who was married when he got Brits mom pregnant the guy who told Brit that he would never claim her as a child. She calls that guy. Who isn't that guy anymore because? He's dead now. So she calls her Dad and he tells her look nobody's. Sunny is not perfect. You have to talk to him you need to work it out. With his was his advice. Good. Did. It work it. Did and and even if it didn't, it's just by he gave some you know what I mean. It's something I felt like I was waiting for my whole life and finally something that he was able to give but it was just so interesting to me that that was the first person that I reached out to. It's not just the advice that matters. It's the fact that she thought to call her dad at all. It's the fact that he answered the fact that he listened. It's the fact that it's just Britain and her mom against the world she has her husband Sunny and she has a dad she has a sister and she has her dad's family this whole network of people that she didn't have before. How had your growing a relationship with your dad? What did your mother think that I think she was actually happy about that part of me thinks that she's just like well, this guy has nothing on me because he really wasn't around. So this is cute what they got going on, but it doesn't compare to the relationship that you know me and my daughter have 'cause I raised her but I think she was very supportive of it and she was very happy that you know we were talking and she would even say or ask me like, Hey, like did you talk to Harry and so yeah, I, I think she was very supportive of that relationship. Sweet. Yeah like she got what she. Wanted from like walking into that diner right? You know like exactly. So it's like mission accomplished. So many missions have been accomplished in Brits Life so far her mother Marva has recovered from breast, cancer. Brit, has finished her masters in mental health counseling and she started a private counseling practice. She and her husband Sonny or married, and they're ready for kids. After childhood of stress and anxiety and anger over her biological father abandoning her things for Brit were not terrible at all. Brit had spent her teen years resenting and sometimes raging at her dad. But now she gets to spend time getting to know him, which is also a way of getting to know herself. was able to learn a lot of I am as a person that came from him like he's a very chill laid back person and. I feel the same about myself. You know it's it's cool to kind of be able to say like I'm just like my dad because I've I've never been able to say that prior to that conversation. So we were really able to get to know each other he was very excited about. Me Getting married he was very excited about the prospect of him being a grandfather to potentially a grandson because he already has a granddaughter my niece. Sunny and Brit are not pregnant yet but you know dad's excited and he's ready to order grandson. Dad has also well, he's not retired, but he's supposed to be retired because he's old enough and everyone is telling him to just. Stay home. Do a crossword. But he's still working and one day in June. He has a fall on the job and he's taken to the hospital. Brit, sister calls to let Britain know and it's not a huge deal she says, and so they were like running tests finding out what was going on. So I was talking with my back and forth with my sister back and forth with you know a few cousins on that side of the family and just kinda getting updates and information in a I. Think I felt like, do I need to come in? So my sister's like I don't think you need to come you know everything is pre. Okay. He's just kind of banged up from the fall. So I think as time. Sorry to go by they started to kind of find things they found like a blood clot I. believe. I'm not sure where exactly it was in after finding the blood clot things just kinda rapidly started happening. Brit gets developments from her sister and from her cousins and they assure her that she doesn't need to fly out dad will be fine and then a few days later, the phone rings again, and it's not fine. Brits Dad is dead.

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