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Everyone. This is David sparks. Joined by my fellow co-hosts, Mr Even Occa- Steven. How are you today I'm good David. How're you? Doing very well, we have a guest today. It's a guy you've never heard of we've never had him on the power users before. Kidding Bread Terpstra welcome to the MAC packagers. It's an honor to be here. As always you may be the most frequent guests I think we need to have a system we need like make a sweater or maybe a bathrobe for you. Logo on the five five timers club. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. What would you be Terry cloth guy or would you want like some other fabric Terry cloth all the way. I am not a Silk Road kind of guy. I could see. I. Think. You would look pretty good in a silk robe only when I'm boxing. Maybe in, you need a type. Guys. ARE USERS Read Terpstra is one of my favorite nerds and yours he has all sorts of cool ideas and it's always fun having him on the show and I realize it's been too long. So you're here today Brett before we get started just a couple announcements sign up for the MP newsletter game. We put the the link in the show notes and then you get the show notes and a little bit of extra stuff thrown at you every Sunday. When we release. you can go over to the forums at talked backpackers dot com. and. Announce -ment. I'm doing a free keyboard Maestro Wepener I've been thinking about doing this part of these field guides for a long time. I finally got the system set up to do it. it's going to be free to everybody. You don't have to be a field guide customer and It's going to be a lot of fun. I'M GONNA talk about context base control of Mac Keyboard Maestro. I've got this really cool thing I've been doing lately based on whether I'm working on legal or Mex- sparky or whatever, and the tools I need just pop up in it makes working really fast and I'm going to share all that magic through Keyboard Maestro I'm GonNa have a special guest or to Rosemary Orchard already in and it's open to everyone free on August twenty seventh at ten am Pacific. If you're interested go to Mex- BARCA DOT COM to sign up. That was a pretty compressed little bit there. Don't you think Stephen? Yeah it was great. That was the elevator pitch like now we're on Iran or and breath waiting for us here. Yeah, and Brett is sitting right here saying, Hey, guys what the heck am under show. I'm good. You know we haven't talked to you about long time is I don't even know what hardware using these days I mean a still using that. So rocking that Atari. Se. No. I was part of a startup that went sideways. But as a result I got myself a new well new ISH sixteen fifteen. Oh, what year. No mine's a fifteen inch. I got this like a month before the sixteenth in was announced. So I still have a butterfly keyboard. That's awesome. But I use it mostly with my my ultimate hacking keyboard anyways. So. I do hate the keyboard I will say when I have to use it as a laptop I do hate the keyboard, but I do and this is an unpopular opinion but I love the touch bar. Yeah. Why I have a lot of fun with the touch bar I have it programmed so that when I'm in the shell when I cd into a directory, it checks for one of 'em. I've I have a thing called. How's it? Which is basically Make files for task runners. And so when I see the into directory figures out what tasks I have that I can run and gives me buttons for them and the Toolbar. The touch bar. And I find it just really handy. I never have to try to remember do I have this setup with Gulp or grunt or maker Rake I just have buttons that pop up for me. It's awesome. Now are you customizing touch bar with better touch tool or did you do something else? So okay. So the the customization I just described was all done through. I. Term. Which has escape code you can send to modify the touch bar, but I do also use. Better touched tool and have you seen what's it called Golden? Do. You know what I'm talking about. There's some guy did a better touch tool preset that has like every possible option for the touch bar. It was too much for me like I wanted more control. And fewer things golden chaos I think is. It's amazing. I. Mean There's No way you can look at it. Not Think it's amazing and if you haven't already customize your touch bar I I would recommend giving that a shot if you have your own customers though. It will overwrite what you have. So sure. Yeah, and it's really not that hard. If you got better touch tool, which I believe is part of set up now. So if you've got to set out subscription, you can download that one or just by the APP the also if you have a setup subscription, make sure you're running the setup version so that developer gets his due for all the Times you use his at and then if you have setup, you should also download marked to and just leave it running in the background twenty, four seven. I was only get you in trouble but. You could do that. That's all insane. But but better touch tool is an APP that you know started out and we talked about on this show often, but it started out to re map things you can do with the the the track pad, but then it's like Magic Melissa Apple, TV remote they just went crazy and and he but giving you the ability to to remapping the touch bar I think is something that for all the people that are cranky about the touch bar, my question always them have you tried customizing it to your own needs what about you even have you done yet stuff with the touch bar on your laptop? No just because it's such a secondary system for me I mean I have better touch tool doing a couple of simple things but I haven't really gone. Full bore with it if I had a this is of course had for Brett is something that you would use more if he could use it again if you had A. Touch bar for a desktop machine or you could have you know somehow with your keyboard, you normally use like do you feel? Handcuffed a little bit. It's only available to you in these circumstances. Yes. Because like I said, I'm primarily my laptops on a stand and I'm using my. Ultimate. Hacking keyboard. So when I wanNA use those cool buttons I programmed after reach over. To the touch bar and I would absolutely love to have a a touch bar An external touch bar I guess that could be closer to my keyboard although it does keep my if I sit too long my shoulders get really tight. So this constant like reaching over actually keeps my arms limits probably good for my health but yeah, I I would love an external touch bar.

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