Expecting better than average


What if you demanded the best from yourself instead of just putting up with average. What if you never said anything negative again. Yeah can you imagine how would change your life? If you never again, what about if we never again complained about anything? What if you really believe the devils a liar and you never listen to him again? The Bible's Fuller Scriptures about doing your best. You must love the Lord Your Guy with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength. We can't, be part time Christians. Is Not a Sunday morning event. This takes everything you got, and those of you that are here they you know that this is Friday morning. And he'll be back tonight and probably in the morning, and then you'll probably go to church on Sunday morning. I was want to read you one scripture second Timothy, two, fifteen study and eager to do your utmost to present yourself to God approved tested by trial a workman who has no caused to be ashamed. In that good. Do your utmost. You know I've been saying this lately I really like this I'm GonNa. Say It to you to I. Don't know what it is. We think we're doing here on earth but I'll tell you. The amount of time that we're going to live here is so pathetically small compared to eternity. and. I'll tell you there's just so many things we get all uptight about that just really just don't make any difference at all when you really look at it and I think that we need to spend more of our here time getting ready for their. And then I don't know what you think, but I think Jesus is coming back soon. I mean. There's not too many signs left to be fulfilled. And I don't know that it'll be in my lifetime but I, have a feeling it's going to be soon. You might say, well, the Apostle Paul it was going to be soon. Well, it's gotta be sooner now than it was then. Next thing one talk to you about is make an investment in yourself. You're having a bad day. Now this may sound odd but when you're having a bad day, just go do something for yourself. Okay this is gonNA take a while. But you know what? Truthfully the flesh is so stupid when you're having a bad day, you WANNA punish yourself make it worse. I mean, you say, well, what can I do for myself? I can't go shop and every time I have a bad day. Well I'm not talking about being foolish but I mean, if you're having a bad day, go outside and take a walk. And, I was walking the other morning and I thought. I thank God. For something I'd never think in far before my life I don't think I. Thank. God. Thank you for color. Just imagine if everything was one color even if it was your favorite color, it would still get boring. Color. I. Mean there are so many different colors. In the world. I mean just a walk can make you realize how amazing God is. and. When you realized how mazing God, is it'll make any bad day better. Don't you sit home and think about your problem get out take a walk. Drink a cup of coffee and here life coffee drink a cup of tea if t do something. Go, get a pedicure. Dave pedicures. Just, in case you guys I'm Never GonNa go get a pedicure. Well, you're what you missed out on getting your feet rub feels really good. Man You. Can't that I can't go do that I got all kinds of problems in my life I can't just. Go be silly. Jesus help me. Do. You Not Know First Corinthians six nineteen and twenty that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives within you. Whom you have received as a gift from God, you are not your own your about with the price purchased with the preciousness and paid far made his own sold in honor God and bring glory to Him in your

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