Is going to relaunch jobs program for vets. Harris Biden



Here is they take the podium. Because former vice president Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Play the song, A desk Prosciutto, which was a big hit a couple of years ago, and a song simply translated means slowly And since President Trump is called in slow, Joe, I don't know if that was the best best choice, So we've had a little fun talking about that. Also yesterday, Joe Biden referred to the Harris Beytin administration. Is going to relaunch jobs program for vets. Harris Biden administration. I guess he's used to being vice president. So you know that was a mistake. I mean, obviously, that was a mistake. But it was a mistake. Last night when President Trump was talking about herd mentality, he met herd immunity and I don't I don't fault him for that. You know there was a live situation. And it might have been kind of Ah, 40 and slip. But you know, I've made mistakes like that on the air here, So you just get something in your mind, and I don't think that's so I don't think that should be highly criticized. I'm assuming that on CNN, they're going to bash the president saying Herd mentality. Obviously, that was a mistake. But you know to me, that's that's just not something that you should really focus on. Also, President Trump sent out a video That

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