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We're pulling people out of flooded areas Thursday near Pensacola, while in Alabama National Guard troops helped people evacuate near mobile Bay. Sally's been blamed for at least one death in Alabama. The mail must go through. That's essentially what a federal judge has ruled in response to 14 States, challenging moves by the Trump Administration. Toe Slow down the USPS. Judge Stanley bashed in issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction to end the leave behind policies that have been implemented recently by Postmaster General Lewis to Joy. The lawsuit led by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. On the court victory today, a federal judge ordered U. S Postal Service to stop any changes. That could full election mail across the country. We're joined by 13 other states in this crucial more moved to defend American democracy. And obviously we have lead in good effective. Safe meal and voting. In Washington state, and we hope the states follow our lead. This is a major win for democracy. We're confident or elections. We know this is going to add to that confidence by preventing the Trump administration. From throwing down the mail, thereby reducing the effectiveness of our democratic voting system on the Postal Service changes have delayed the delivery of male. It also threatens to undermine efforts by states to increase the use of Mail in ballots is something the president is against Pennsylvania's highest court has given the Democratic Party a series of victories related to November's election. One of Thursday's decision in the battleground state. Ah, lawsuit that's not favorable fixes the glitches and gray areas in the mail in voting law and the court granting Democratsrequest to order a three day extension of Pennsylvania's election day deadline to count the mail in ballots. I'd also authorized satellite election offices and drop boxes head off an avalanche of mail in ballots in Philadelphia and its populace suburbs. Another ruling kicked the Green Party's presidential candidate on the November ballot for not strictly following procedures for getting on it. On the gridiron Baker Mayfield threw two touchdown passes Nick Cha brand for two scores. The Cleveland Browns gave coach Kevin Stephan asked his first NFL victory by knocking off the Cincinnati Bangles 35 30 on the NFL's 1/100 birthday. Mayfield connected with Odell Beckham Jr on a 43 yard scoring drive the Browns rebounding from an atrocious performance last week in Baltimore, where they were roughed up 38 6 by the Ravens. They looked mostly in apt in Stiff ass. He's Debu. Things went much smoother against the Bangles and number one overall pick Joe Burrow through two touchdown passes showed nice poisoned. Just his second game and Goran Dragic's scoring 25 Bam Amedeo leading a big third quarter rally, he finished with 21 in Miami Heat pulling off another comeback victory. Knocking off the Celtics Won 06101 they took a to nothing lead in the Eastern Conference finals. Duncan Robinson scoring 18 points, Jimmy Butler pouring in 14 Jae Crowder, 12 and Tyler hero finishing with 11 for Miami. The Heat We're down by 17 in the second quarter, they trailed by 13.5. Campbell Walker had 23 for Boston, which got 21, a piece from Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum. That scoring line folks is what you call efficient Duncan Robinson 18, Jimmy Butler, 14 Jae Crowder, 12 Tyler, Hero, 11 and, of course, Bam, Amedeo, adding 21 Goran Drag, It's 25.

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