Bitcoin Dominance Theory


Let's do what we don't discuss the mock and what's going on because yesterday we did say bitcoin pretty good troy and I'm going to call it a try. It did full through as hyped with the diaper, which was up three point three, six, percent gutter pretty kate levels there, and we are holding above ten thousand, five, hundred I'd like to say a little bit more Gas. Star if you will from bitcoin yesterday, what we closed up a percent, we close at seven to ten, thousand, seven, hundred, ninety full. Now, what does that mean to me? Or. Quite simply put what that means to me as well. It gave a little back didn't amazed. At one stage, we were up roughly tune off set. And we pull back away from those highs. We did. We did come back about one point full percent. We did touch a high of ten, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, three as we saw to approach that eleven thousand dollar mark and I think if we can get through eleven with, we really are starting to look better. It's it's just crawling. is not doing what it did. If you recall back through the end of July twenty seventh paying the mind where we sort eleven percent, we did say some increase volatility back into bitcoin with multiple falls and falls in sixes and that sort of thing percentage moves. It really has slowed up. But It still looks good. It's just a little bit. Now, the real interesting thing that I've found with the market lightly. And I was speaking to my. To the people that were in the live trading full of warning about this. I was looking at the bitcoin dominance. dude look at the bitcoin dominance shots from the top of my list of sudden missile got there and look over the loss and just can't seem on. This particular child doesn't move very much. So when I tell you that too, it's hot out full point one percent that's actually quite a decent move. It doesn't tend to have massive dice big one percent or a big dies won't percent yesterday was one point four percents that was a pretty big die. Bitcoin dominance using up point four percent now. The reason that I bring this up is it's actually important. There's a lot of things that I have saying when it comes to trading crypto. Remotely mostly when Bitcoin Sideways, what we ended up having is will have oats that work. Well, the FI trying to they taste say becomes a really good option. You know we we can short Xiv we can go along against that market. We'd leverage with spot we tend to say some really good moves. But at the moment. It's not sort of being the case we saw Bitcoin at ten thousand hanging around there and we we really didn't have a great deal of good trends. We did which the spark a big move but like a site spock's moves like they weren't exactly what I was, you know what I considered to be optimal trading conditions. So at the moment. Yes know looking at a A. Little, bit perplexed by what's happening. It's almost like a different dynamic is coming in. Now the dynamic that we haven't had of light has been bitcoin really having a good move member. If you around back in two thousand seventeen, typically ALZ would go up and the money would come and go back into bitcoin and bitcoin within takeoff and it would be a bit say so it was only for. For six months. Leading up until December period. Now. That's the only thing that we haven't seen really strong bitcoin words. The tykes back the throne and so does his hang on, hang hang on bitcoin ongoing now it's GonNa move. Have it saying that? Will we see that will full but it's just a theory on putting at sharing my thoughts on what's going on what I'm saying out there in the mock would damn point seven percent currently on. Bitcoin. At ten, thousand, seven, hundred, ten. The theory looking a lot weaknesses will show when I go through this. You'll say the ALZ even the top ten or thereabouts of have really had a bit of lead been lacking. Three point five percent down was a theorem yesterday. That's what it closed that closing at three sixty full one full and it's now down one point five, three, fifty, eight, point, six, two. So it looks more Barrington bullish except play fish that down one point nine percent today so far has sparked low that were twenty three point eight cents yesterday was down one percents and nothing too drastic yesterday as a matter of fact, the selling in exile place it'll happened to Hoffa now around that open time ten I am we we did say come off quite significantly good two and a half three percent at one stage it has since bounced back on Bitcoin cash now. Yesterday, it was up four percent today. It is down two point eight percent giving back where twenty, eight, point, four, five, and again looking pretty average their lot Quan as well. Yesterday, it closed down one point, six percent of forty eight dollars and thirty three cents. A pretty average looking shot needs to get about fifty dollars really. Could we setting high potential to push US hi through that it's forty seven dollars and seventy one cents at the moment base via up by one percent closing at one, sixty, five, seven, three. With down two percent at one sixty two right now and not much going on there either car down rolling over quite nicely. This could be potential opportunity for shorting on those lower timeframe. So they sitting at nonsense down two and a half percent yesterday closing three point six

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