Talking Arab-Israeli Peace with Acting Consul General Israel Nitzan


Israel needs on is a veteran. Israeli. Diplomat who has served in a diverse array of postings from Egypt to the UN to his current role as Israel's acting consul general in New York. There's been a lot of news out of Israel lately and Acting Consul General Nitzan joins us now to help us break it down and to share his country's view Israel. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much. Now we wanted to have. You on this week in particular because Israel has brand new diplomatic ties with the UAE and bunkering and you are one of the relatively few Israeli diplomats who actually already has experience representing Israel in an Arab country what do you think actual practical on the ground peace with the in both rain might look like is it going to be similar to the Israel Egypt relationship that you know up close or is it going to be something totally different? Of. All I. think that it is different. This agreement is an important milestone region undermine stolen today in our Middle East. So we strategically and regionally, it strengthens our actually formalize ties within our relationship with very important regional glares in the Arab. Gulf. Sunni Arab countries who first of all perceived a threat posed by Iran we showed the perception of the threat posed by Iran and we agree also on the ways to address this threats basically I think that in the last few weeks I, think that both Israel and needs Sunni Arab neighbors in the Gulf called on the International. Community to continue in the maximum pressure on Iran. So this is at least from this angle. Secondly, you mentioned Egypt and I think that in many ways yes it is going to be a different kind of beast i. think it seems that is much warmer piece. I think that the key to peace in our region is encouraging more and more people to people engagement, and this is what we've seen in the last few weeks when people from the Gulf on social media, it seems clear that there are thrilled about the relationship very excited, actually encouraging and initiating a dialogue with Israelis This is great and I think that this is the key to any future of peace in our region especially with our neighbors that people people engagement is so key and it's so interesting. I mean Israel has had peace with Jordan for. Twenty Five Years Twenty six years peace with Egypt for even longer there's a little bit of Sinai tourism but like it's not a thing for Israelis to you know drive to Amman for lunch right? Do you think Israelis are going to fly to Dubai? Abu Dhabi. Fly to Montana and kind of explore the Arab, Gulf. I think definitely, yes. Of course, we are in a different reality to covid nineteen but I think that the expectation is already an ongoing dialogue between Israelis and moralities over zoom Israeli universities, research centres startups have already reached out and initiated this very important dialogue with their colleagues into golf. They'll talking about basically using our innovative meaning both Israel and the UAE innovative spirit. You know the the needs of people and I think that this is also one thing that is clear that the idea here in this piece that we prioritize both Israel in the UAE, prioritize the needs. Of their people and this is the first step you know to promote the regional peace no. As we said, there is an ongoing dialogue between the peoples between Israeli civil society between startups between companies in Israel I. think that You you mentioned my experience in Egypt and I think that what? I know from my experience in Egypt, the pieces for our job I need must be nurtured, and in many ways, the key to everything is education especially educating the younger generation basically educating them to accept the other two except the different to accept Israel as a legitimate neighbor. In many ways, I, think that the secret to success of any peace in our region will be found in the media and the textbooks, and basically these two means educating people today first of all in the media forming an encouraging public opinion supportive of peace. And also the textbooks educating the leaders of tomorrow through schools, universities, and basically educating them about accepting the other accepting Israel as a neighbor as A. Member neighbor-. Neighborhood

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