For what happened on one particular striker inclined show


Me Christmas cards for life will be 79 years old and I've got a card from Klein thanking me for what happened on one particular striker inclined show and welcome. Thanks for hanging out striker and Clynes. And next year when you turn 79 will still be sending you a Christmas card. You know, someone said that striker actually cared about Klein. He wouldn't wait to save his life until after a song he would have. It was an interesting thing You said about the dialogue about it, and I like you. There's something about you that's going to kill you. We'll get to that. After this 12 minutes song, I want you to leave the building now. But if you stick around more than anybody to 13 just want to let us know that they derived their 78 hours a day basically forced their passengers to listen to. You guys mixed from that reactions, especially when Allie started having her animal sex dreams that was a very uncomfortable Moment for the writer Lee with first base, calm down. Also Omar talking about reversing his circumcision, apparently a lot of lot of things that have made our listeners uncomfortable on the show. New research. Has revealed that if you are a extremely sarcastic person And full of cynicism. And also full of your pessimistic person, and you're impatient. You have a much greater risk of suffering from a heart attack. Than other people. I direct that to you, client. I have never met anybody who was more pessimistic. It doesn't mean realistic doesn't mean you're not nice doesn't mean you're not fun and you're a good time and you're not funny. But you you're a cynic. You're sarcastic. And boy, you're impatient just before you get me to defend myself for a second. At the end of two That was last year. 19 4019, You've said a magic feeling, 20 twenties going to be a great year and I said, I bet you 2020 stinks who was right? Okay. Have you seen the year? We're in right now. Who

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