Age of Calamity Is a Hyrule Warriors Sequel and a Breath of the Wild Prequel


And welcome to Nintendo voice ITN's Nintendo podcast. I'm your host Casey Freedom in this week I'm joined by Brian Tano. Hey, Lee. Back on that from games come. Hey what's up? Hairstyle. So here. I am also here I'm also here well, I got I got busted I was still working when the show started. So a lot of people will see what I look like when I'm typing emails. I. See. Her. But this week, we will be talking about higher warriors age of calamity, how we really feel about Super Mario Three D all-stars being limited release in ramifications behind that move and of course about how much it costs but I believe the obviously the biggest news this week I mean besides some other big news but we don't really care about that on the show is higher warriors age calamity. Is Coming on November twentieth. Your. Game. I mean in it comes out the day after Cyberpunk I'm not happy about that. Yeah that seems like a mistake. Yeah. So I will I will say that like this was this was a surprise for sure right like this is in a in a year full of things leaking constantly. This was pretty awesome surprised to find that there's essentially a prequel to breadth of the wild coming to Nintendo switch. If, I just defined as that than. Most excited man in the world but this is a game in from tecmo Koei. It is a a warrior style game akin to hurry warriors and viral. Euros is that was called. which is Great. If you wait is it let's get that. Right? Is it heroes the one on the phone or is heroes the one? I ever warriors is the one on on. Okay I see you out there. Firing them sub. Read it. Relax. We got it. Right. Thank you. Thank you for having my back on that one pair your. That's happening. You saw. WanNa drought. Running back if you wanna see pair absolutely roast Brian Yeah No, you totally left me at the dry there. You're know if I ever move on a call Atkins accent come over and helping move and not you because you were not close friends. Resent. It is really difficult to keep the names of the warriors franchise straight right they. They're all of these games are so different in name. Yet they're all part of the warriors. Franchise. Dynasty. High rule yet and Hans maybe the fire emblem game is called find bloom heroes. Okay No, it's warriors. Okay. Let's move on. Somebody offer discord call. I WanNa worry a warriors game. So I from what I've been seeing overall people have been accepting this overall positively I think if this was part of a bigger directs I, think people would have seen the beginning of this thought it was brought to the while to and then been kind of like. Hey. Can I don't know taken by surprise? It's not what they're expecting but because they were upfront, it was a standalone announcement. It's able to kind of shine on its own and not to be in the shadow of what people really really wrong because now it's just a cool bonus. I understand why they did it the way that they did, but I have to say that. Having our Numa start this statement by. We know that people have been waiting for news about breath of the wild for a very long time. It's so cruel what A. Roller coaster of emotions man that was like Oh. My God Oh, I see I see. I, for some reason I did not I was not expecting any news on Zelda and so when he appeared I'm like Cool Zelda pick cross or something right? Like he I instantly when I saw him I somehow instantly knew it was going wasn't going to be the the sequel but I thought they handled the announcement really well, you know they set the set the stage saying it's GonNa be a while until you hear more information about the next game, but here's something to you over and. You know like I played the last Jairo Warriors, fired it up the you know. Yesterday and played a bunch with my daughter and it's like these games are good. We gave them seven Slat think Casey you reviewed one right. So Jose reviewed the original gave it a seven I. reviewed the definitive edition on the switching. Gave it a seven point five for good I know that our scale doesn't. Follow that anymore. But if I had to either up down, I, would honestly probably bump it up to an eight down to a seven. I, think the amount of content in that game is astounding even though it is kind of repetitive I mean it's Musso game for Games, Dynasty Warriors. You're just fighting hordes of enemies, but with highrise finish edition you you got like thirty one characters and right off the bat you had sixteen to choose from, and then on top of that, the story is actually. Even, completely off the wall in bonkers ridiculous. It was still pretty There's a to it and there are a lot of really interesting. man I'm drawing a blank cut scenes that kind of gave more personality to allow the characters and they brought characters from all of the different Zelda game. So I really enjoyed it and on top of that, you got a regular legends. Zelda map to explore where you could. There's a lot to go read the rape. Yeah, it's an. replaying it I. I was struck by how much fun it is. It is fun to just kinda slash these hordes of enemies and like get bigger specials and you know switching between characters unlocking more. There is a there's a lack of the final tweak and finish that Zelda Games known for right like just even the way the camera fields is just super. Janki to me like by default he can tweak a lot in this game, which is great. Right? Like everything just is a little Jane he still. Including the whole like I've mentioned this before it sometimes feels like a Zelda imposture thing you look at the characters saying something is wrong with the way they. Look and all of that but as a silly. Game it works and then case you exactly right. It's like this game is all about volume. It's all about like hordes of enemies and it's all about hordes of rewards like when you finish level, it's almost like this like giant treasure chest monster comes forward and just barth items out it's just like you. Blew. You finish a level has just list after list of these things in you hitting the button to get through all of them right? which is completely different from Zelda game where it's like you find the hook shot and it's like this momentous occasion that's you over the next two hours. Like to me Zelda has always been about I think most people about you know exploration

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