Unsticking from a Busy Mind with Jessica Borushok


Hey, guys welcome to not another anxiety show. I'm your host Kelly Walker and joining me today is the busy mind psychologist Dr, Jessica Abortion who helps people get unstuck from their busy minds. So they can be their best stuff. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thanks so much for having me. I'm so excited for this conversation I know. People are GONNA love it. It's GonNa be very valuable at least. I know it's going to be valuable for me. Valuable reach. In and Now I was hoping. Can you can you start by telling us a little bit about what a busy mind might look like because I imagine it can show up in different costumes that were not necessarily aware of at least I. Know I was. Of course, I mean, listen our minds are sneaky and a lot of times. We don't know when we're kind of caught up in our head or caught up in that that pattern of just getting sucked down that rabbit hole busy minds I like to think of it as if you're having those moments who anytime your mind is being taken out of the present moment if you're having a lot. Of like what if thoughts like what if this happens? Are you find yourself reflecting on past experiences tearing apart those experiences going over it well, past the point where it's helpful because that's the important piece. There are times when being in your head problem-solving analyzing planning is super helpful and it's a skill that we want to have. But then there's a point where it's no longer helpful and it just. Trying. We're worrying about something for the tenth time when we find ourselves getting really caught up in like should 's like, oh, I should do this or I have to do this or what if and those are kind of little clues to me that I'm getting sucked into my mind and my mind starting to kind of just do work instead of serving me. Okay. So that's how we can start to discern like the should have to what ifs can. Be Closer flags to help us discern. All right. This may have crossed the line from helpful productive, supportive resourceful to Counterproductive. Exactly. Okay. Great Now. Can can you tell us also how did you come to be in this niche of helping people get unstuck from their busy minds? Is there is their personal severe journey that played a part in developing your current here. Of course, there is A. Listen I have the busiest mind immune your world. I'm just in my natural default state I I'm a problem solver I like thinkings odds I like you know think he'd through different scenarios I find it really enjoyable and yet a gone through a couple scenarios in my life where I've struggled with mental health ends the busy mind has just gotten a little bit out of control and I've I've been in this state where I felt like my mind was controlling what's happening in my life instead of me. So back when I was early teens late twenties, I struggled with OCD now, a lot of times when people think of OCD. Hand washing and and concerns around germs. The MY OCD was much more surrounded by safety. So in the evenings I would do things like check the walks ten times you'll make sure there no one was in my room I just a lot of almost kind of paranoia type thoughts around safety and around making sure that I was doing everything I could to make sure that I was safe and unfortunately what ends up happening is your mind starts going. Well, what if this what if someone somehow snuck into your room one if even though you checked. That the stove was off, it really wasn't and those thoughts would then feed all of these behaviors because I'd get so overwhelmed. So anxious in response to that it's like, oh, we'll. We'll. What if I mean if it's it just takes two minutes to go check the stove and make sure that it's turned off. But if I don't check at the House, could burn down and so that was my first experience of seeing how that good analytical part of my mind could be used against me and going to therapy for a couple of sessions I did. A did exposure plus response prevention, which is the most common treatment for OCD, and I'm happy to say it hasn't been an issue in my life for about eight years, which is really great. It's still pops up from time to time but it. I now in control of how I respond to it and I think that's the key it's not necessarily that will ever permanently delete these types of thoughts but as long as we're not feeding them. They're not. We get to decide what happens next

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