Transforming Infused Biologics into Injectables

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Rene, thanks for joining us. Thank. You Danny a pleasure to be here. We're GONNA talk about how It's enhanced drug delivery technology and how the company has rebuilt its business strategy around this, let's start with enhanced though what is enhance? That's a great question. Enhance is based on the proprietary enzyme recumbent Human Highly Rana Days Ph twenty. There is a human enzyme on human, highly Rhonda's enzyme and on accommodate version of that. I'd be happy to go into a little bit more about how it works if you'd like. What's the normal function of the enzyme in the body? Okay. So a little bit of biology then. So if you think about the Subcu-, if you think about the skin, there are three layers, the epidermis, the Germans, and then subcutaneous stays. The subcutaneous space is primarily composed. Of fact, some structural components like Alaskan in college, and then a sugar call highly Ronin. Hiring Ronan Forms Gel like substance in the subcutaneous as and this is what's important when it comes to enhance that that GEL like substance creates a resistance to injecting omnium into this up you space the typical volumes you can inject are usually wanted to amounts of subcutaneous. And so. What the enzyme does is it is it breaks down the highly Raanan as as you're jetting drug and the Enzyme Co formulated together. If rates out highly on, she can actually deliver large volumes of injections subcutaneous slow. And that's how drug. Works. So, when we think of That are infused into a patient is volume the issue of why those drugs get infused as opposed to inject it exactly most of the biologics are large lions and they can be sixty, nine, hundred miles. It depends on the concentration if a partner if a company wants to coach with smaller injection buying that could be administered subcutaneous -ly they we co formulated with our enzyme and that formulated product is injected. subcutaneous league are typical products. are in the range of five to twenty EML's. which is allow a lot more than the standard one to two that you can deliver without the enzyme. And what is it actually doing wants it's formulated with a biologic. So, it doesn't do anything to the biologic. But when you inject the CO formulated product into the subcutaneous face, the enzyme breaks down the highly are mentioned that the skin it's a sugar that's naturally in the skin. It breaks it down and opens the state think about like opening the secure space that larger volume have be dispersed, and some of the drug can then be absorbed into the. Circulation. So it facilitates fat sub Q. Injection Large on fluids. What does it take to actually formulate a biologic with enhanced? Does it actually? Does it require doing something to bind it to it or is it just a matter of exciting it into the liquid? It's more than mixing. So typically what we do when we work with a partner on their therapeutic, is we I WANNA, make sure that the enzyme is compatible with their drug at there's no effect of the drug on the vice versa. So we test for compatibility. Then we would test for stability making sure that the two men combine the enzyme on the drug are. Stable a long period of time so that the drug can be manufactured I'm sitting on the shelf for a period of time. One says diamond than simply mixing the two together and the amount of enzyme relative to the amount of drug is extremely small the environment in the order of micrograms of material verses, the drugs which are usually in milligrams. So thousand fold differences.

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