Interview with Dave Collins


Hi Dave. Welcome to function tennis podcast. I'll Fabio holiday I'm doing great thanks aircraft heavy on and with doubles being such a key part of the game at side the pro world in the pro world just great avid doubles expert on the show and learn a bit about more you untouchables. So maybe you can start by ten the listeners just a bit about you where you're located what you're up to right now and we can take it from there I like in in. Sorry in the UK. Head. Coach at sint George Hill Lawn. Tennis, Club it's a club that's one hundred, seven years old. So it's been there a long time. We've got about four thousand members pretty busy range of colts etc and doubles is pretty is pretty busy throughout the club. Okay. So four thousand members stats that's a lot of members a day. How many more active now so that membership split between different tasks gotTa Health and Fitness Section, we got obviously tennis and we've got a pool of we've got some squash as well about two thousand play play tennis including a genius Sir Pretty Busy sets up we've got the. And how many courts you have? We've got thirty three courts. The mixture of different surfaces indoors grass at different of official clay. So we've got a full range on ice and your head coach there. Yet on the head coach because the team of twelve coaches coaches right busy at the club especially now with people coming out of lockdown tennis being such a good thing to do with social distancing etcetera have to tennis numbers gone up since this time last year the participation has yet a court really busy from. Morning till night with lots of people working from home. And a sneaking out lunchtime for Gamete friends search it. It's pretty busy. And tell me you're also dope coach of too great. Great doubles team John from John Peers and Mike Venus. How'd you manage? Being the head coach such a big club and also working with these guys. Yeah, it's it's challenging. Sometimes I'm not on the road with them a massive amount I I do some events as when we can fit it in and it works for all of us. But when they're back in the UK back base, we we work at the club and we fit in around the the day to Day Club What Club coaching that I do the members like to see the the guys around the guys get involved on the court with some of the members which is great and members really enjoy that. Exhibitions and clinics and things. It's it's nice to have them around. And here you having a good week this week they took a nice English scalp in the first round in Rome. Yeah. The did they played. Jamie Murray near Skopje Fest? Round and which obviously J. me was was one of John's previous partners and then yesterday that a came through fourteen twelve in the final set breaker against John's partner from last year, which was Henry Continent finished guy. At the top level, they're all playing people they've played before, which must make. It's so interesting. How, from how do you coach or head of players deal with known that the other guy knows all their secrets are patrons may be a better word yet it's good. Yeah. Lots of players play with with certain patterns in they do specific things at certain times. So it's it's know we speak regularly before the matches. Go through what the opponents, what we might expect them to do what they did against them last time if they did it against the lost time and it was successful low probably good again, if if they didn't work than the opponent will change it. So we've got to be prepared for things to change and it might change through the course match nobody plays exactly the same way all the time

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