How Sweepstakes Work


Hey and welcome to the podcast I'm Josh Clark there's Charles W Chuck Bryant Jerry's over there in you may already be a winner. Because you're listening to stuff. You should know the podcast was going to a version of the same thing. So Hey, that's the that's the spoils of doing the intro. That's right. You may be a winner. Yup. chump. sweepstakes. Man So aware of sweepers before that, there's this group allowed there. Yeah. The hobbyists people who enjoy sweepstakes and we'll talk about them later. but as I got more and more into like researching sweepstakes I'm like. Well, it's pretty interesting stuff. There's a lot more to it than even that. Yeah I have never I. Don't think entered. Any contest while you know what I fully take that back because. Almost every year enter the HDTV Dream Home do you really? Yeah well, that's like one of the big sweepstakes in the United States. Yeah. I will I mean every year that I sort of remember I haven't had cable TV for a few years I'm not reminded as much But that's one of those like I mean have you ever entered or have you ever seen those houses? Yeah. I've ran across from Google during this research and yeah, they're very beautiful. Not only that they don't stop with the house they'll give like a GMC. Yukon, here's half a million dollars in cash. Crazy now. Here's some Here's a couple of snakes that are really exotic and expensive I think they do green home as well now. Yeah I think there are a couple of them in one of them. I think the green home one year was You Know Sarah. Be here outside of Atlanta Yeah I think one of them was at seren be. Yeah. There's one they gave away in the last year or so down Merritt Island in Florida. Where I've been and then there's one in. Miami or something and I read about the person who won actually it was written in the Miami Herald I don't remember where the house was. They couldn't afford it. They won and they like can't afford the taxes on this house. Yeah. That's what the you know growing up. Everyone's dad basically well, you know you gotta pay taxes on that stuff, right? I would find a way to work that out I. Want An HDD Gt Green home never. All of a sudden we're like I don't have fifteen thousand dollars for taxes. No, that's true I. Mean I think you the same with the game shows and stuff, right? Oh. Yes. As a matter of fact, chuck you can read all about that in our chapter on the perfect prices right game, which is in our stuff. You should know colon an incomplete compendium of most interesting things book that's right and I gotTa tell you of. I'm trying to think I think of all the chapters in that book. That might be the one that I was most jealous of from the podcast standpoint. What do you mean like putting it on podcast? Oh I see rather than being a book Chapter I was like Oh man I. So WanNa do that as a podcast. I think you know maybe one day we can I am I. Don't think there's anything stopping us from doing that I. Want to wait a little while not doing the next week I don't want to undercut the book sales well, no, we definitely won't. But will I mean I think we're totally fine to do any and all that one out of all of them will be the most difficult because it's such a straightforward story. But I'm sure we'll find a way to plump it up. I wonder if that would incentivize people to buy the book if we did an episode from one book chapter. and Said d want you are more. Yeah. Like how many more? How many chapters other again for a twenty-seven? Yeah you want twenty six more stories. Leading get the book pleasures. Especially, if you put it all awkward in vaguely hostile like this. Yeah. I think that that's that's the old. Publishing trick right hostility. Earth? Serve NECE. Moved a lot of books that way. He did. So. Oh Yeah you can order book now preorder and order books including india-bound and didn't you come up with the billy as? earthy billy. If you want to support black owned bookstores you can go. A bit dot Li Slash S. Y. S. KBM in order it from there yep. So that's our spiel which actually was organic. It's not at all scripted. Don't think that if if you did then you obviously missed the clumsiness in all of it. But. We're not talking about her book today we're talking about sweepstakes sweepstakes, and in fact, sweepstakes chuck the word itself sweepstakes is hundreds of years old. I? Think they found its origin at least in the thirteenth century. Yeah, because back then they were you had stake in it like you would buy it was kind of like a lottery. You would get a bunch of people to throw in money. For A ticket and you'd probably wouldn't even a ticket and some person would win and so they would sweep the stakes but it's not like that competition in the UK, a contest and Candida sweepstakes in America. Those are different because they are always no purchase necessary the differentiator right the one thing that they have in common with those is that the winner takes all that's the point

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