Episode 295: The Three Governors (Entry 1302.MK0934)


Three governors. She's clear. Yeah Happy Oh Danell slave. homer stokes so little man. Hey. My. Favorite of all the opera records the three governors do you like when the three governors seeing seeing an Aria for you? And who are they? It's three blind governor Jesse Ventura. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeb Bush Yeah Love. Those guys so Amazing blend. Arnold Sing I've never heard Donald Scott him as he's. He Must Yodel can ice skate as a triple threat he can. He can't act. So one of the you can dead lift lift. Govern and Yodel and Yodel those those are the big three. We are kind of living in a golden age of governors right now. We should we should explain to to baton age of governor non-americans either of the future or now. That America is still in some ways. Fifty tiny little warring fiefdoms, right? Definitely. Fifteen warring regions. But yeah, the states are, do you do you have a number fifteen? You you kind of have in mind while the fifteen regions or do you think it's roughly fifty? Yeah. Between between what six and fifteen right if you if you? Think of the West Coast you think of the Western states you think of the plain states. Yankee lamb. D-. Middle West really bound together by mutual hatred Sutherland Owen. Then Appalachia the worst of all states. So the worst of all regions. So now, I'm at seven there and then you've got like the the the southwest Spanish states, and then whatever Florida is so yeah, eight. Let's call it. Eight might be more nater nine. And Canada, whenever culturally maybe more dividing them than uniting them at this point and. In the power vacuum left by the absence of a competent federal government in some of the some of the recent crises are a governors have really had to step up because they've been told to yeah because Washington which is long discouraged state level power is now saying. Your pandemic is your problem. You're talking about Washington. DC. When you say Washington, not our glorious. I say Washington State or Washington, and maybe I shouldn't because I'm here. So you can just say Cascadia or or Ecotopia do you call it you? are used to I. had a jacket made at the university bookstore embroidered Ecotopia across the back and I word in the early nineties but I was always a little self conscious of it rightly. So. Then, but I spent money on it. You know I had done and then i. knew some kid loved just like coveted my Ecotopia jacket and so I traded it to him for an eight weeks. Yeah He's hopefully still got it and you still got the weed for. I have the memories of. I doubt very much. I'm almost certainly you don't. Have the General Memories of the era of the week. the. As a result, governors have kind of stepped into the spotlight like name twenty. US governors now. And before Corona virus, did you know who governor Pritzker was? Did you know who Gretchen Whitmer was? I could not have named more than five US governor is did you know I'm a fan boy? Have you ever met a governor? I met Washington Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib Right. A couple of months ago Cyrus is a wonderful guy but he's no longer the lieutenant governor he is. I believe he was maybe Washington's leading blind iranian-american correct state level politician or at least Washington's leading blind. Persian. Politician who wanted to be a jesuit. Correct. Correct and you know the appeal of the Jesuits I cannot overstate we can we talk about them all the time he is by the way I just check. He is still are sitting governor even he's announced Oh he's on his way but that was not a resignation of. Maybe effective Jay's next term effective governs. Least next term I see he is going to have to find a different. Politician possibly a blinder on in American possibly not we don't have. There's not a test for that. Cyrus is beloved in The Washington. State the wet western Washington State Shimao critic. Party. And really was seen as a comer. And became lieutenant, Governor at a very young age. He's extremely gifted politician but decided to pursue the life of the cloth and cloister. It doesn't happen in our and age no, and it's not really part of the Persian tradition either. Very very few jesuits in Tehran but have you never met Jay inslee seems like Jay said every cocktail party but I guess you're not at every part famously not at every cocktail party No, I don't think I've even ever been in the room with him. Interesting. He's tall sorriest all he's a big man He's you know he's My size taught both tall and broad and also a very you know he has that thing that politics a good politicians have, which is just like he's got magnetism. He's got a good voice. He's and it turned out I don't like any of that because you really see why people get power Oh. Yes. Like Oh hey this guy's chin was better than that other guys. It's the big man theory of of local politics, but there's no way that is actually producing the best leadership before corona. Virus. Jay Was A. Semi. Effective Washington state governor and I think was. He was regarded not as lightweight, but he was not seen as a heavy hitter. He had a big national profile for trying to advance environmental issues during the election Democratic primary. He ran for president during the primary and Marion successfully unsuccessfully but he gained a lot of stature because he really stuck to his guns and made environmentalism the. Soul of his platform and so I, think he he a lot of people recognize that he was. He was pretty effective guy still on the you know as Washington state governors go kind of like. I'm. Not, GONNA say middle of the pack but but I I'm unfortunately like to inside the Washington State Democratic Party. So get all the the whisper the whisper stuff about like who the WHO the real cool kids are. Well, start telling the future about the dirt you have on your wall what happened was inslee stood up to trump super hard around the corona virus, and now you like the he's he's he's night with a flaming zoroaster boy he goes on meet the press and face the nation right after. The trump trump or the trump surrogates and says, this guy's Bozo Yeah and all of a sudden like and I've always liked him I. think he's a like a like a a really nice guy and a cool and good governor but But now he's like national figure Super Exciting Gavin newsom follow me on twitter. Does that count as having Meta? Governor No. You haven't met him. Follow me on twitter. Isn't that better than meeting somebody I've met so many more people than while it's actually not to know now when you have as many followers as ID, that's not true anymore. But it's although I'm

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