In Puerto Rico. I mean, it's Come on.


Fine, Um, build them back up, Bring in a better And a really fix up that place. But if we gave them 14 billion, and they are so corrupt If we gave him 14 billion, and now and nothing happened, but a bunch of corruption. Lot of the money, as the president said, was squandered away or wasted. Those were his words. And what is 13 billion going to do for So that Puerto Rico thing I guess he probably will get some votes out of it. But and that's what that's what he's looking for. The vaccine was really the big news. Well, I don't know if it was news buddy, but he's still talking about Operation warp speed. Like I said, I'm Torrente because on one hand, I like the fact that he builds a fire underneath the old slow bureaucrats. And yet, when push comes to shove, he says, This is all going to be delivered within 24 hours after notice that a vaccine has been approved. Gonna be delivered to the military, which will distribute it. 100 million doses before the end off this year. And enough for everyone by April.

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