We've got to be careful with that. You don't want to be Cam Newton. But Mel,



His. Like the tight end. He was standing next to the tight end one of those shots. That was a big kid, and he's 1/5 year because he stayed up was when he went back to graduate. Yeah, so we need to get masters will be late for years. You say four years not fit here, but he was there for the entire time. He's 22 Human Jordan to his body. He got used to having pressure on him, which is some of the conversation we had last week. Some of these young players who leave school earlier with just one year Of college football stardom under their belt. They're not ready for the stage. He seems ready for the stage and BT Tony Romo was describing that want the touchdown is his second touchdown. I believe it was. It was a cover three. He put the key. Put the cornerback in a bind, right? The quarterback who has that deep 30 put him in a bind by having had to seem drawing up the left side. One in the middle, wanted this one to the boundary. He looked off to the middle, which kept the cornerback in a bind and threw like a star shot to the corner for that touchdown. I mean, quarterbacks, you learn that over years he has it now, so

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