Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and legacy as she lies in repose


And tomorrow at the U. S. Supreme Court building. On Friday she will lie in state at the U. S. Capitol. She's the first woman ever to be given this honor all this week. We've been looking back at the life and legacy of Justice Ginsburg and we'll continue that today in 1993. When President Bill Clinton nominated Justice Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, he referred to her as quote the Thurgood Marshall of Gender Equality Law. Begins work herself sometimes pushed back on the comparison to Marshall and his trail blazing civil rights work. I'll take this opportunity to say I don't like the comparison of me. Deserving Marshall because my life was never in danger. His wass he went to his southern town in the morning. I couldn't be sure he'd be alive at the end of the day. I never had that. Kind of threat. That was Justice Ginsburg, speaking in 2018. While much of Ginsberg's legal work indicated clear understandings of racial discrimination, some critics have called out some of her more personal shortcomings when it came to race, for example, Like most of her male colleagues on the bench, she hired few law clerks who were black or people of color. Joining me now is Fatima Goss Graves, president of the National Women's Law, Center. Fatima, Thanks for being with me. Glad to be with you. So how did racial equality factor into some of justice Ginsburg's early legal work? One of the things that I think few people know is when she was at the two women's rights project. She out actually filed a really important Grief in the court in a case involving whether or not there should be the death penalty for rape. And she really used that case and that breathe Toa High light. Both the race tropes around sexual violence for black men. And also the way in which notions of purity that have been attached to white women that they actually are harmful to white women into everyone. And so you know, one of the things that I think may seem more quiet and subtle about her work is that she got really clearly the idea that we were all harmed by discrimination. We were all harm by Whatever form it took, whether is racism, sexism, disability discrimination that that is a through line throughout her work. In yesterday on this show. We've been

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