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The shoulder. Get in London in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. Our Weather Channel forecast. Tropical storm warning and Flash flood watch remain in effect due to tropical storm beta Tonight. Rain and gusty winds low around 70 tomorrow, more rain, gusty winds and a high around 80 could get other 2 to 4 inches of rain inland in the Houston Houston area. Tomorrow. 73 Now raining at the rate Keep cool with Rs 24 Hour Weather Center 5 31 The news brought to you by Xfinity. The future of awesome are Tom Story Beta. Expected to make landfall late tonight near Matagorda Bay is a weak tropical storm but then will turn and move up the coast line over the next two days towards Louisiana, bringing rain and storm surges. Resident. Trump says it is his constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg vacancy on the Supreme Court today. Trump said he expects to announce his nominee by this weekend, adding he has narrowed it down to five women on Wall Street. The Dow fell 509 points on the day the S and P 500 lost 38. The NASDAQ was down. 14 Our next updated six. Now more of Michael Barry show. I'm Cory Olsen on NewsRadio, 7 40. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention mission is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. This year, the FSB National capital area chapter is hosting activities for you to safely connect support. One another and share stories and lifesaving resource is

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