Fed Cup to be renamed Billie Jean King Cup


The Fed Cup has been renamed the Billie Jean King Cup and there's those big plan fair announcements about this week and it's a lovely lovely thing I think it feels so so right there is I think one caveat David that you pointed out on twitter which. Which I very much agree with. How How how much does it really? Well first of all, I agree with you I think I'm ready that it's been renamed. That's The. Caveat was the if we are renaming the Fed, cut the Billie Jean King Cup. It feels even further away that we're GONNA end up having the the great mixed team competition or Fit Slam slammers I'd love it to be. A combination of the Fed Cup or the Billie Jean King Cup in Davis. Cup, that I think the sports so. Hugely needs that feels further away. But maybe maybe that's maybe that's not the case. Maybe the fact that her name is on it and she is may be involved more. We'll bring that closer together because she so much wants that is well, she's. The biggest campaign for. Men and women working together and and being on the same page and being on the same bill for goodness sake. and. Hopefully. That will come in the future I mean. There are those events just don't exist this year. So this is the news news, the renaming, and and that alone really really about just one article Chris Clare in the New York Times right timing done an interview it but a Jianqing, I really enjoy a recommended he coach Bud Collins. Once. Saying that the Fed Cup is a splendid idea with a lame name and he quotes spitting Jean King saying. When a woman does something always think we do it for women when a guy does something, they never say they did it for the guys and so one of the changes I hope I can talk about more and more is that I would like people think that we. Are Doing it for the sport not for Women's Sports and I I thought. Absolutely right. It's It's about time attitudes changed. Yeah I thought that was. A perfect summation of both what Billie? Jean King is about an also how how this could be a a way forward for kind of mixed event and and a combination of men's and women's. Competition together but I mean personally that that that's not been my vision for mixed team event I've I've not thought that it should replace. Davis carpet. Now, village Inking Cup I genuinely think that it could go along alongside them. Both I don't think you need to. Get rid of them and combine it into one I. Think you could have a mixed team event like we had with the Hoffman Cup but make bigger thing out of that, and now we've got that point in the calendar with the ATP Cup and that I think that's the point. Many Times. Cup. Turn. So. Many cups when you did all the cups said back to back, it's Oh it's cup overload kind feels to be redundant to be talking about the of the moment you. Know. What the tent tennis Kinda is anymore but I mean personally I'm just saying I think there's room the space. It would be a great thing for a mix team competition to exist alongside. The Davis Cup in now Billie Jean King Cup that we already have our cup runneth over. A. Carrillo.

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