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Ought. To think this is a podcast about politics race and culture from a POC. Perspective I may know Hosa and I'm who you're a low and welcome to in the thick live from home I mean I had to commute from one bedroom to another to get here but I'm here on time. I'm here on time and I'm all present for you. Actually. We're so happy that you're joining us. So thrilled we actually thought we had this big plan for twenty twenty like all you. We were GONNA take the show on the row. We were going to be meeting you in person hugging dance. We're going to dance onstage maybe drink a beer or two afterward. But you know the pandemic happened, a lot of sadness happened a lot of rage happened, and so we're going to be virtual. We're talking about the twenty twenty election along with the letter other things including the POC vote. And you know it's really super important. So just because we're not out there in person doesn't mean we don't have to have these conversations and you know gymnasts we got to all stars tonight to all-stars please give workers. Welcome to Jamila King She's a reporter and host of the Mother Jones podcast she's joining us from her family's In Oakland California joke. Greeting. From apocalypse I doing house the dog. Oh man out there. It's rough. I'm looking outside of my window right now and the sky is. Orange you know. It's kind of tricky but I think it's real. Yeah. It's it's really are out here I you guys. All right. Let's give a poop roof to. Elite. Contributing opinion writer with the times and he's He's not live from the suburbs from Alexandria where we crazy. Live from home life from home or my kids are in the room and I'm praying to God they don't come in and start yelling. We crazy and Drinking Chai in. Coffee hoping that Jamila is. Safe. My home state burning I'm trying to come back to you guys new. York. One piece. Hey. Guess Co host to of in the thick, not only all stars but they've they've guest cohost. So awesome that you guys just say I was thinking about this this podcast years ago and we called so much of what's happening in America right nine we actually have the records to prove it just like the audio records of trump. We have the records to prove that we called a lot of this four years ago two, thousand, sixteen I feel like it's five because I've aged horrible fifty. In our minds in two thousand fifteen but it came to fruition in two, thousand, sixteen but. But. Yeah we did we and one of the things that we talked about which we all have talked about is the role of the media and how you guys are getting it wrong in. So many ways we talk about that but let's start off with our first topic so. It was twenty twenty. I think. You know every single one of us is battling some level of low grade or high-grade. Depression? You know he's just kind seeping in for me. The end of the summer is really hard moving into yet another season and still being in lockdown You know also just the weight of these decades, centuries of racism and injustice in this country. and that is kind of the backdrop for our twenty twenty-nine election update. We are now less than sixty days away from the November election I know, right so both the trump and binding campaigns are really upping their games. We think, right. We'd Hoke we know the Republicans are the Democrats. This election season but hey, the pandering has started as well. I don't know if guys have seen this actually was one of the first people notified about this campaign video by by Joe Biden people that are associated with the Joe. Biden campaign it's a campaign salsa song called. Biden. Muscles. Things. Just just. Coming off. Applaud keeps going. By. By then? Okay. Okay. Okay. So Oh God that's going to be playing all over Kissimmee Florida. I'm telling you they're going all in I know the people that created it. Very committed they just basically put Biden on the hook for that stuff right there. Yeah ecological in. Los Angeles. Off The detention facility. So his own campaign song is saying he's about to do that. Yeah. So and then the other thing I just wanted to add. Yaas who Maria interviewed. And frontline, we talk about this I think all the time you know the Obama deportation policy she was named to the transition team of Biden's campaign and all the immigrants, rights, activists, immigrant lawyers that I know I know you guys have been following. This are just there's a story in the hill people need to read it. They are up in arms about destroy. So there's a lot of questions about the Democrats right. Right it's it's yours to lose and I have nothing personally against Cecilia when yours But I did interview her and it was a moment that was very challenging Was You know? Talk me down 'cause right now I'm feeling like the. Vote. We are combined this immense electorate and it's like. Are you kidding me twenty twenty? I've been talking about this since the first time I covered politics in what in the early nineteen nineties. POC voters taken for granted.

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