2002 Week 14: Patriots vs Bills - burst 18


I mean take your pick. What about Cam Newton you think Higher Load Rating. slightly. Lower. I'm saying hi twenties or Grady Thirty two. Thirty three. Plus one. twenty-one x twenty wine, which is below the NFL quarterback average of twenty six who's who's a hideous whereabout Terrell Owens? That'll be an interesting one. L.. Go. These give a guess still. See this could go either way right? It's either really high really low really low twelve. Half. Hour lower by half six. says. Jerry Rice. He strikes me as someone that would be like this thing is stupid I'm not doing you know. X Jerry Rice fifteen. Do we could do this all day. We really go down the list of the what's your list Gregory, all the guys of the bunch of babies. Hall of fame, the Breeder Hall of fame. Yeah I don't think I had I. didn't think I'd. Put the the one next to those and do like a power ranking where kids times Wunderlich Score our rank because clearly the size of your Dick. Right relation own y'all we should do a scientific mathematical deep dive into the way of kind of build measure drew says Dick Hello drew. For Science Project on. Stein's Frangieh. It is fascinating though it was vince young yet he had a rough gohmert. Just feel bad for him. All right should we talk you WanNa do best and worst on this game I mean there's not much happened outside of those quarters sure you WanNa give them a quick recap of the game though from start to finish don't think we said the final score important file scored twenty seven, Seventeen Your New England patriots makes to a garbage time bills touchdown which I thought mirrored. The last bills drive in the. Time when we played them in Buffalo where the drove, they drove from like the go from their own twelve joe blow down the field and started like chuck it in the end zone and it looked like they're weren't to get out of it anyway. But this time they did even though didn't matter. And they're like already at four becks commentators like I don't know about this they should just not sling it. Is Drew fucking blood son? Sat you know it's coming Oh so and molds made this like circus one hand. Spinning catch to their other touchdown clear opie, I. Yeah. They commentators like one hundred yards away and we can even see the fans are right. Yeah it was. But. But yeah, we go up seventeen nothing like immediately. The bills get that one touchdown kind of turns around with what Seventeen, seven at one point I believe. Or twin now they they didn't score until the second half. Twenty seven bills had some good momentum. Field Goal Twenty ten at that point you're like, okay and then the Patriots way tried to like do the backbreaker thing they tried to end around but it was too. Daniel Graham I think was the guy running the into rowdy fumbled it. So they ended up going three and out on that like fuck this, you can feel the shift happening. But that appeals price fumbles.

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