What Do F-Factor And All In By Teddi Have In Common? Ft. @wellnessalexis


And this week we are back with a at new guests. Many of you might know from instagram her name is Alexis Barbara Aka at wellness Alexis. You guys were damning US her profile lot in regards saw the drama but turns out Alexis has a lot of much more interesting things to say then simply her notorious, a factor Java. So we wanted to welcome Lexus and have her talk about her story. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I'm like definitely. So like excited for years. Thank you. It's also funny because like even when you're talking about what happened with you and Tanya on our on our emergency episode. We were just kept talking about you like sort of by our instagram handle. Like. You can't believe what you did to Atlanta was elected. And now it's funny to like be face to face over zoom and it's nice to see you in person. So thanks for coming. It's a great handle the handle just like you know how some people are like I same last name people. Yeah. People are also handle people feel that I call people by their hand those a lot and they kind of get annoyed with me. But here I am. So now you're famous wellness Alexis. So Funny Oh God. Yeah. But before we get into today's topic, we just want to. Do a quick little rundown of things that are happening at this week As you know, there's less than fifty days until the election. So the Betcha stop has just come out with a video series that we're launching weekly and tell the election called save twenty, twenty eight. We're talking about different topics and the election like swing states are they important? So you can find that on the batches up feed an on the main batches vitas. Well, we also came out with a limited series podcast called. Do you know who my dad is and basically the? Essence of this is not on the two hosts Brian Russell's recognized from the Stop and another employee at least the Angeles from batches are hosting and they're basically taking you through different industries and talking about how like nepotism and connections have brought us some of the most famous people that we know and love. For example, the first episode we talked about Car Jail Levin and the heads, and how they got their start in modeling and just a hint like it wasn't just because they were like the best models ever scouted in a random mall. IT Super Scandal It's like if you're a succession fan I think you'll like you. Guys know we are we here for you and and you can listen and you can listen to that on Fridays in the Betcha sub feed the none other true crime podcast feed or The at batches podcast feed? And speaking of very powerful people. But in a very different way, we have launched a new vertical. Community called Betcha. And it's everything you could expect from us but everything having to do with motherhood. And go follow that now at batches, MOMS and obviously guys go shop our stuff support the team DSP here. Go to shop dot com slash collection slash DSP we just came out with a new t shirt. Very comfy. So excited to get mine and it's basically says through thick and thin as you would imagine so. Go do it now. All right. Well, let's let's get into our episode. Welcome Alexis again. So what's what's let's get a quick update what's been going on since all of this? Factor stuff happened and you had that infamous phone call. What what's what's the deal? I guess the phone call and the live happened. I am. Trying to take in the bag that everyone I know knows about my account and I have to and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Now that I have a lot of. People who are trying to get away from diet colds her on it so. Working on that. But in terms of like the drama like I've not had any contact with them, TV and and. You know see less me her threads in her eyes and now I'm I'm just living. Just living well, it's funny because like when this happened like I remember I asked you can share your name because I figured you don't you don't know what to do with like all this. New. Attention that wasn't. You didn't expect. You didn't like set out to make this like wellness instagram to go big, but it must feel like crazy because it happened. So quickly. Yeah for sure it's like Barry absurd because like like like you said, it best might shady wellness account. I did not want to be public like I just did it for fun slash to have for myself and do now that it's big very vulnerable for me because I have always really tried to have like a perfect image and like admitting to people that I didn't like my body is or like I had issues with it was a very scary but now dislike. Thankfully. in Saint Louis alone. I don't have to see anyone I know. So I feel very good about that and then everyone obviously my friends and everything are very excited supported. So it's definitely been it's fine. Yeah. That's good. It's fine. Everything's fine. So are you are you? Are you happy this happened or do not have enough distance yet to be sure. I think I'm happy because I don't think I was happy in the beginning because I was like I like I am not like you know me in real life helping is just not like mind big thing and so I think I'm happy that it happened now because I've been able to tie issues in the health and wellness community to larger issues that I care more about.

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