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About how Puerto Rico is also struggling to get kids back to school. Later on the show. We continue our coverage of the late Justice Ruth later, Ginsberg and her notorious RBG legacy if I had any talent in the world Any challenge. Excited to give me I would be a great Eva plus the latest in our justice delayed. Siri's immigration courts are struggling with the major backlog of cases because of Kobe 19, leaving many in limbo Finally, how teachers unions are driving the conversation on how soon schools should reopen this fall. That's our lead on the takeaway, but first go get some news. Live from NPR news. I'm Laxmi saying President Trump is declaring that the United States is turning the corner on the Corona virus pandemic. We will distribute a vaccine. We will defeat the virus. We will end the pandemic and we will enter a new era of unprecedented prosperity, cooperation and peace. As his pre recorded remarks were heard at the U. N General Assembly, the US learned that it's covert 19 death toll. Yet surpassed 200,000. NPR's Will stone reports that overall, the number of Corona virus cases in the United States is going back up after declining significantly by the end of the summer. Certain parts of the country have a much higher death toll from Cove in just three states, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey account for more than a quarter of all US deaths. Florida, Texas and California also had a large share of deaths. Fewer people are dying compared to the spring, partly because younger people are getting infected. But Dr Bill Pound early at Washington University in ST Louis, worries about a surge of cases in the winter. We will see more people die, the proportion maybe less. But the numbers also behind cases air now climbing significantly in the great Plains and parts of the Midwest. Will stone NPR NEWS Washington Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney says he will consider President Trump's forthcoming nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. NPR. Susan Davis reports. Romney's decision makes it more likely the Senate will fill the vacancy before the election. With Romney onboard. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears tohave the party unity he will need to confirm President Trump's nominee in the coming weeks. Romney has broken ranks before, but he told reporters today that he would not vote to block the process from advancing. I will consider the nominee on the merits. He also acknowledged that a successful confirmation would shift the ideological balance of the court towards conservatives. But my liberal friends have over many decades gotten very used to the idea of having a liberal court and that's not written in the Stars. The White House says President Trump will announce his nominee Saturday. Susan Davis NPR NEWS Washington Congressional Democrats are livid. They're declaring the Republican rivals hypocrites for pushing a vote on a nominee lesson two months before the presidential election after they blocked a hearing for President Obama's nominee on grounds that confirmation should wait until the new president was in office. Your Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, Leader. McConnell's actions may now very well destroy. The institution of the Senate. If leader McConnell presses forward. Republican, the Republican majority will have stolen two Supreme Court seats. Four years apart. Using completely contradictory rationales, Schumer says the next time he could change the complexion of the Supreme Court for a generation to come. This's NPR. Live from the news. I'm Raquel Maria Dylan, the city of Oakland is moving to adopt a policy on how it'll manage homeless encampments. A City Council committee unanimously passed the rules yesterday, Sarah Husseini reports rather than dealing with encampments on a case by case basis. The proposed new guidelines with de Prioritize closures of those that remain 150 FT. Away from a school and at least 50 ft from homes, businesses, parks and protected waterways. City leaders say they considered the input of more than 1200 residents and meetings and an online survey and they see enforcement would focus on compassion. Calling into the hearing from the encampment where she lives. Homeless advocate Ashley Davidson worried the efforts still criminalize poverty. I'm pregnant and I live in the community, help me get housing. The measure goes on to the full council for a vote next month. I'm Sarah Husseini kick you. Medina's leaders of the Bay Area's Armenian communities say territorial disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan are behind a Siri's of vandalism attacks in San Francisco in recent weeks. On Sunday, suspects fired gunshots near the K's evey Armenian school in partner said damaging a sign The school was also defaced with anti Armenian graffiti back in July. Cacique Tajin is an Armenian American organizer. It's an escalation, and it's apparent to everyone and were taken aback by it, but not surprised because of the situation brewing on the border between army another begun it's simmering conflict, and that seems to have migrated to our shores. An Armenian church in Laurel Heights burned down Thursday, and police are investigating possible arson. I'm Marco Maria Dylan news. Support comes from Oakland International Airport, the heart of the Bay Area and the soul of the East Bay ready to fly the use Bayway once again. And support for NPR comes from whom a cloud based phone service for small businesses with an automated virtual receptionist and mobility features to run their businesses from anywhere. Maura. I owe him a dot com and buy the listeners and sustaining

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