A new Supreme Court justice, making sure that court


A new Supreme Court justice, making sure that that court Is one that does not make the laws, but they actually just implement and interpret the laws in a fair in constitutional way. White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Fox business. Trump could announce Thursday or Friday his selection to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday. A new analysis of voter rolls across the country shows that nearly 350,000 dead people are in the system still with several 1000, whose mail in ballots were cast In recent elections. We're looking at cases where people are genuinely registered to vote least they were and yet they've sent passed away. But Harris County and others have not caught wise to that fact. Yet that's Logan Church well with the Public interest Legal foundation, saying that Texas, Florida, California and New York and Michigan account for more than half of all dead voters still registered. In this time of social protest during NFL games. We are also

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