Whats Behind the Unemployment Numbers?


Here at the Motley fool eyebrow. Saying that because I grew up in Florida. Thanks a lot. In this week's episode, we're joined by Rakesh coach from the Pew Research Center we're GonNa talk about unemployment in the US including how the numbers are compiled and who has been hardest hit because of covid nineteen, all that and more on this week's episode of Molly. So, Bro what's up? Oh I have a few things for you. Alison free things maybe three things. Okay and the number one thing is. The market is a many splintered thing. So as long time listeners will remember when we were going through the downturn of the covert crisis we would begin every episode updating basically some sort of update haven't done that in a while I thought hey, let's do one shah. I should say we are recording this Monday September twenty first all the numbers I'm going to give you are as of the close on. Friday. Looking at the market today it's down one to three percent by what you're looking at. So he could take a little bit off the top but basically Where are we so far this year this crazy crazy year. Well, stocks are S and five hundred with dividends. Up Five point three percent. But as you know probably a lot of that is driven by the Fang must stocks the biggest stocks we're talking about facebook Amazon Apple Net flicks Google, otherwise known as alphabet and Microsoft, all of them are up. Double digits. The one that has having the quote unquote worst year that's alphabet at eleven percent best Amazon sixty, three percent. But according to CBS Marketwatch fifty-five stocks fifty five percent of the stocks and the S&P five hundred actually for the year. So it really does depend on what kind of stocks own. So give you an idea of what might be affecting the performance of your portfolio so far this year probably doing Desai's sector and US versus International. So the two best sectors this year technology up twenty three percent consumer cyclical sixteen percent that's mostly due to Amazon, also do stocks like. Home Depot in starbucks like that. Worst performing sectors financials down almost twenty percent in energy down forty two percent this year. And then there is and I think it's it's best size and I should say style. So if you look at the vanguard growth ETF, that's large cap growth up twenty, two percent of the year compare that to small cap value down almost twenty percent for the year. Another sector that has struggled. REITS Real Estate Investment Trust we've talked about why they're probably struggling retail office places like that. They're down twelve percent for the year international doing okay down only three percent for the year. Bonds up seven percent there actually outperforming the S&P five hundred. So this is. The year end today, it would be one of those rare years where bonds actually beat stocks. And inflation protected securities otherwise known as tips they're out nine percent this year indicating that investors do expect there to be some inflation and we have seen that over the last three months where inflation has gone up significantly depending on which month you're talking about it's most monthly inflation since the nineties or the seventies depending on which category inflation you're looking at. So we'll see what happens we are entering, what is generally the most.

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